Impact’s Digital Media Title Tournament Day 2 Results (10/6): Crazzy Steve Vs. Hernandez

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Commentators Josh Mathews and D'Lo Brown welcome fans to day two of the tournament. Let's get things started!

Hernandez (w/Johnny Swinger & The Swingerellas) vs. Crazzy Steve (w/Rosemary)

The fans instruct Crazzy Steve to bite Hernandez's face. He fulfills their request while he has him backed into the corner. Hernandez wildly misses a punch but catches Steve with a textbook powerbomb! Johnny Swinger attacks Steve while he's hung up on the ropes. Hernandez dumps Steve back on the mat and flashes a cocky grin.

Steve recharges and bites the top of Hernandez's head again. Steve lures Hernandez in the corner and applies the upside down. Steve tosses Hernandez into another corner. He comes crashing in with a cannonball, followed by a low flatliner for just a two count. Steve perches himself on the middle rope and flies off with a crossbody. Hernandez grabs him mid-air and rocks him like a baby. Swinger inserts himself in the match again, but Rosemary is right on top of him. She's biting his leg, which sends him off the apron.

Meanwhile, Steve stacks Hernandez up with a schoolboy pin. 1-2-3, Crazzy Steve advances to the finals!

Winner: Crazzy Steve

- Crazzy Steve joins John Skyler as part of the six-man match to crown the inaugural Impact Digital Media Champion on Saturday, October 23!

That wraps up today's broadcast. Thanks for watching. We'll be back next Tuesday!