Impact's Digital Media Title Tournament Day 3 Results: Sam Beale vs. Fallah Bahh

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Commentators Josh Mathews and D'Lo Brown welcome fans to match three in the tournament. Let's get this started!

Sam Beale (w/Zicky Dice, Manny Lemons & VSK) vs. Fallah Bahh

Sam Beale charges Fallah Bahh. He cowers to the mat as Bahh raises his hand and charges forward. Bahh tries to get the crowd fired up with his Bahh chant. Beale sneaks behind him and tries to hoist him up with no such luck. Bahh backs into him to break the hold. Bahh drives Beale on the mat with a scoop and slam. He hits a leg drop from off the ropes, which sends Beale into the corner.

Beale gets too fired up and falls to the mat. His pals rally around him on the outside. Here comes Bahh with a massive crossbody!! Beale slips out of the way and pushes Bahh straight towards the ring post. Beale maintains control with a jumping senton for a two-count. Bahh counters a Roster Cut and dumps Beale on the canvas with a pop-up Samoan Drop. Bahh scales the ropes. Zicky Dice and Manny Lemons try to intervene. Bahh knocks them off the apron while standing on the second rope. Bahh drops straight down on Beale and advances to the six-person finals!

Winner: Fallah Bahh

- Fallah Bahh will now compete against John Skyler and Crazzy Steve in a six-person match to crown the inaugural champion at Countdown To Glory on Saturday, October 23, at 9:30 PM ET.

- Tomorrow, Jordynne Grace will take on Johnny Swinger. That concludes today's coverage!