Impact’s Digital Media Title Tournament Day 5 Results: Madison Rayne Vs. Chelsea Green

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Commentators Josh Mathews and D'Lo Brown welcome fans to match five in the tournament. We'll find out who fairs this week in the last two qualifying matches.

Madison Rayne (w/The Influence) vs. Chelsea Green (w/Matt Cardona)

Chelsea Green gets distracted by the fans' chants that she finds herself scooped up into a school girl's pin. Madison Rayne pins her shoulders at two. Rayne throws herself down on the mat and blames Matt Cardona as she tells the referee he tripped her. Green uses this to her advantage and stacks Rayne up for a two count.

Green follows it with another arm-drag-turned pin for another near-fall. Rayne eats a dropkick but recovers quickly to hit a back elbow and enziguri. Cover. Green pops out of the count. Rayne follows with more kicks. Another near-fall attempt. Green is hung up on the ropes, and Tenille Dashwood roughs her up a bit. It isn't enough for Rayne to capture the pinfall. Green fires a round of lightning-quick offense. Rayne escapes an Unprettier attempt and locks Green up in another pin position. Both of Rayne's feet are on the ropes. Kaleb holds them in place. The referee sees it and breaks up the count.

Matt Cardona charges over to take his fight to Kaleb. Dashwood climbs up onto the apron and tries to help Rayne out. It backfires. Green hooks in the Unprettier, hits it and picks up the win in the second to last qualifying match.

Winner: Chelsea Green

Green now advances to the six-way match for the inaugural Digital Media Championship at the Countdown to Glory pre-show this Saturday.

Tomorrow, the qualifying matches will conclude with Tenille Dashwood taking on Alisha.