Impact's Digital Media Tournament (10/5): John Skyler vs. Zicky Dice Kick things off

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Commentators Josh Mathews and D'Lo Brown welcome fans to the commencement of the tournament. The bell rings; let the event begin!

John Skyler vs. Zicky Dice (w/Sam Beale)

Both men lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up. John Skyler backs Zicky Dice into the corner. Trapped, Dice is on the pitiless end of some vicious punches. Both men tumble to the outside. Skyler continues working Dice before rolling him back into the ring.

Dice takes a moment to recuperate before hitting Skyler with some rabbit punches. Skyler gets scooped and slammed on the mat but kicks out after Dice hooks his leg. Skyler bounces back with a wicked chop and hammer throw to the corner. Dice counters with a heavy clothesline for two. Skyler rocks Dice with a European uppercut, and the crowd breaks out with a monstrous boo.

Skyler continues the onslaught with a slingshot spear! Both men are back up. Dice and Skyler trade counter for counter until Dice hits an elevated backbreaker for two! Both men go back and forth with roll-ups. The referee notices Dice has a handful of Skyler's tights. Dice tries to deny it. As he does, Skyler rolls Dice up with a handful of his tights, the ref doesn't see it, and just like that, Skyler is moving on to six-man finals match on October 23!

Winner: John Skyler

- Tomorrow, the tournament continues with Hernandez battling Crazzy Steve.

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