Insight On What John Cena Is Like At Comic-Cons

Headlocked Comics' founder Michael Kingston was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman and Kingston discussed Kington's interactions with pro wrestlers at various Comic-Cons. Kingston recalled meeting John Cena and how unique of an experience it was.

"He's got such a way about him when he talks to people. He makes you feel like you're the only person in the room," Kingston described. "It's a very interesting level of charisma, and I've watched him interact with other people and stuff and he's always been exceedingly nice. I will say this, in my 10 years of doing this, almost everybody in wrestling has been exceedingly nice.

"Every once in a while, somebody's kind of a d*ck, but for the most part, everybody's been really good, but John Cena is on some other level. He could hate your guts, but I don't think you'd ever know. He's just just so exceedingly nice. Just the way that he talks to people, it's an impressive skill that not a lot of people have."

Cena has joined Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson and Dave Baustista in transitioning from pro wrestling to Hollywood. Kingston noted the contrasts between Cena and The Rock's careers.

"I find it interesting that John and Rock have switched wrestler roles on the acting side," Kingston pointed out. "John was the kids' champion and now he's filthy actor. He's got all these sort of filthy roles, and The Rock was a very filthy wrestler and now he's Disney champion. It's interesting how they sort of found success sort of swapping over to the other side."

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