Jeff Hardy Possibly Bringing Willow To WWE?

Jeff Hardy recently appeared on The Culture State Podcast from WRAL Sports in North Carolina, and teased that his masked Willow The Wisp character may be returning in the near future.

One of the hosts recalled seeing Hardy as Willow on an indie event in Greensboro, North Carolina years ago. Hardy said he's having a new Willow mask being made, and has talked about bringing the character back before his career is over.

"Speaking of Willow, I was just talking with the guy that makes these masks, who made it back then," Hardy said. "He's such an awesome mask maker and that's now making this new Willow mask, and we were talking about the possibility of Willow entering the scene once again before my career is over."

The hosts commented on how exciting that would be and Hardy added, "Yeah, there we go. It's gonna happen."

Hardy was sent to SmackDown from RAW in the WWE Draft this past week. He lost to WWE United States Champion Damian Priest on this week's RAW, and was then interviewed by Sarah Schreiber in the ring. During that interview, the WWE Legend said going to SmackDown might be the perfect time to see a different side of Jeff Hardy, or a different ego.

The promo on RAW and Hardy's recent interview comments have led to speculation that we may see a version of Willow on SmackDown.

Hardy will remain on RAW for the next few weeks until the WWE Draft changes officially go into effect on Friday, October 22. He was attacked by new RAW Superstar Austin Theory on Monday's show, which may set up a future match between the two.

Hardy wrestled as Willow years ago before signing with WWE, when he and brother Matt Hardy formed their own indie promotion in North Carolina, OMEGA. He later wrestled as Willow at ROH's 2003 Death Before Dishonor event, defeating Joey Matthews and Krazy K in a Three-Way Dance. Hardy then brought the Willow character to TNA from February – June 2014, losing to Nick Aldis at Slammiversary XII. He also briefly appeared as Willow during the "Wolf Creek Match" in October 2016 when the Broken Hardy program was going on in Impact Wrestling.

Stay tuned for more on Hardy. Below are a few clips of Willow in TNA/Impact: