Kevin Nash Apologizes to The Rock For Past Heat In WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash and former WWE Champion Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had a positive exchange on Twitter this week where Nash apologized for past issues.

The exchange began when Nash tweeted a gym photo on Friday. He thanked The Rock for the Project Rock Under Armour kicks he was wearing. Rock responded and called Nash an inspiration.

Rock wrote, "You're an inspiration my brother [clapping hands emoji] [flexed biceps emoji] In tremendous shape!!! Holy shit. Way to raise the bar!"

Nash responded and apologized for some words they had back in 2002 when Nash returned to WWE.

"Following your lead. You're work ethic is amazing. You're filming schedule would kill most mortals but the promotion for your films is the grind. You film and promote at the same time. Sorry I was such a dick to you when I came back in 2002. Just trying to keep my spot," Nash wrote.

There were multiple instances of rumored problems between Nash and Rock when the nWo returned to WWE in 2002. Nash discussed some of the heat in a 2012 interview with Title Match Wrestling, seen below.

"I'm sure I rubbed him the wrong way because I'm an abrasive South Detroit f**king co**ksucker," Nash said. "And he had already pissed all over his territory, and I went in there and said, 'Dude, I'll knock you the f**k out.'"

Waltman was in the interview with Nash and confirmed that the incident went down along those lines but not exactly as Nash described. Waltman said Nash made it clear to Rock that Rock would do what Nash wanted, and had no choice. Waltman added that Nash didn't take liberties with Rock, but made it clear he'd have to listen to him when it came to Nash getting his moves over in a match. Nash said he just needed to re-establish himself as he hadn't been on WWE TV in years, and Rock needed to just yield. Nash also didn't like how Rock apparently tried to direct things in front of others in the locker room. Waltman also revealed that Rock somewhat saw things from Nash's perspective once Nash explained it, and apparently once Rock went and had a talk with WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson.

You can see the full tweets between Rock and Nash below, along with video of Nash discussing the old heat in a past interview. Nash starts talking about what happened around the 3:30 mark.