H20 Wrestling promoter and deathmatch legend Matt Tremont was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily ahead of his match against FMWE promoter and fellow deathmatch legend Atsushi Onita tonight. This will be Tremont’s first match since he retired a year ago, and Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked Tremont what his goals are now that his in-ring career has been restarted.

“When I did quit a year ago, there was a time, at one point, just personally, I didn’t know if I wanted to come back either for other reasons,” Tremont admitted. “I’m very fortunate enough that I did a lot of stuff that far exceeded my expectations of whatever I was going to do, but the one thing I’ve always wanted to do was something on a national platform.

“Probably a year or two before I did retire, I called out Cody Rhodes. That’s one match I want, and that’s the biggest match I could have in my career, aside from working with Onita. Even with me coming back, I’m going to be very pick and choose of what I do. A majority of my matches will be here at home, at H20. I promised all 40 something of my students that I’ll each have a match with them. I know I have those coming up and a couple other companies in particular. The story’s got to be right, and Cody Rhodes, telling that story with him I think would be pretty cool.”

On a recent media call, AEW EVP Cody Rhodes noted that he had considered doing a deathmatch with Tremont but “never pulled the trigger on that.” Tremont explained why he specifically wants a match with Rhodes.

“Obviously, growing up and watching his dad’s work and watching his work. What I admired when he came on the independent scene, his hustle, and his grind and to be able to leave the the world from up north in WWE and be able to do what he did on the independent scene, and create what he has created today. I called him out way before AEW was a thing. I don’t want a full-time contract. I want nothing like that.

“I want one opportunity to tell a story in the ring with him one day, and I’d be much happier with that. I’m 32, but I’ve been working since I was 16. I started training and put a lot of miles on the body, and if I’m having matches now, they will be more spread out so I can heal up and do my thing. But I also have a lot of other obligations now and students that I make a priority and make sure their path in the business is a good one and what they do here and elsewhere outside of it. It’s just me the wife and the dog, that’s all I got take care of make sure they’re good.”

Recently, Tremont worked with filmmaker Kenny Johnson on a promotional video for his Halloween night deathmatch with Onita. Tremont discussed the work he did with Johnson.

“Acclaimed documentarian filmmaker Kenny Johnson picked me up yesterday, and we drove to the ballpark. We did some filming here because I was up,” Tremont said. “I don’t sleep very much, and I was up the other day till very early in the morning and I was motivated and had an idea. I shot it to him, and he’s like, ‘I’ll see you Thursday.’ So that’s what we did, and this is one of those go home big pay-per-view promos before a big pay-per-view to sell the show once more. If I was a child and got all my Halloween candy and then went home and watched two guys get blown up, I’d enjoy my Halloween.”

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