MLW Fusion Alpha Results (10/6): Jacob Fatu Vs. Matt Cross, Women’s Division Starts

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Commentators Rich Bocchiniand Saint Laurent welcome fans to the third episode of MLW Fusion: Alpha!

- Earlier today, the National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone was denied entry into the building. He was there to watch Jacob Fatu defend his MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Matt Cross. If Fatu retains, he'll meet Hammerstone in a Title Vs. Title fight tomorrow night on Vice TV. Stay tuned as this is far from over.

We head to the ring from the first match on tonight's scheduled card!

5150 (Danny Rivera & Slice Boogie) (w/Konnan & Dr. Julius Smokes) vs. Injustice (MLW World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed & Jordan Oliver)

Without any hesitation, Injustice slides into the ring and hits stereo dropkicks on 5150. With an assist from Oliver, Reed flies in on Danny Rivera with a codebreaker! Oliver follows with a cutter. Rivera heads to the outside. On the outside, Slice Boogie tosses the Middleweight champion around like a ragdoll. Rivera hits a superkick straight toward Oliver's chin. Oliver and Boogie head back into the ring.

Boogie holds control for a few minutes. Both Boogie and Oliver lay in chops. Oliver heads to the ropes. Dr. Julius Smokes grabs hold of Oliver's leg, and the referee catches it. Rivera lands an enziguri on Oliver's head while Smokes distracts the referee. Boogie dumps Oliver back on the mat with a massive Uranage. Boogie hooks Oliver's leg. Oliver kicks out at two. Boogie doesn't stop there. A big splash from the corner rocks Oliver's world in a not-so-good way. Boogie only gets one count due to Myron Reed's distraction with the ref. Boogie makes a hot tag to Danny Rivera.

Rivera sends Oliver to the ropes. Dr. Julius Smokes gets involved once again. Rivera drags Oliver back to the center for a pin. Oliver kicks out. Boogie makes his way back in. Before Rivera heads out, both of them plant Oliver with a double suplex. Boogie gets another near-fall, and Rivera returns as the legal man. Rivera grounds Oliver with a tight front face lock. Oliver rises to his feet and sends Rivera to the corner. Rivera eats a big kick. Oliver has time to make a tag to Reed. Smokes yanks Reed off the apron before he can make the tag. Meanwhile, Rivera hits a dragon suplex on Oliver. Oliver fires up a spinning back fist to make a well-needed tag to Reed.

Reed is wiping 5150 clean. Injustice were seconds away from taking home this whole thing, but Boogie ran in to break the count on Rivera. Boogie knocks Reed out cold with a wicked spear on the apron. In the ring, Oliver gets caught coming off the ropes. He was looking for his finishing cutter, but Rivera grabbed him right in time. Oliver tries to duck Rivera and gets sent to the ropes. Smokes whacks Oliver across the face with some sort of foreign object. Smokes pushes Oliver back to Rivera, Rivera stacks Oliver up, and just like that, 5150 have earned their first win in MLW.

Winners: 5150

Post-Match: 5150 continue the beatdown on Myron Reed. Jordan Oliver makes the save and escorts him to the back. Danny Rivera decks their referee and spray paints a symbol right across his back.

Backstage: Alicia Atout is standing by with Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) – MLW's newest female signees. Tonight, Ashley Vox and Willow Nightingale will kick things off in the Featherweight division. Sea Stars introduce themselves to those who are unfamiliar with their indie work. Nightingale comes in, giving them all hugs. Everyone is having a great time, basking in the moment when, all of a sudden, Brittany Blake steps in and crashes the party.

- MLW airs a reminder that their one-hour special will air tomorrow night on Vice TV at 10 PM ET! CONTRA Unit's Daivari interrupts the advertisement by spending a message to Hammerstone in his native language. Hammerstone sprints in and tries to take Daivari out. Mads Krügger charges in to help even the odds for Daivari.

Up next, Willow Nightingale and Ashley Vox make their MLW debuts in the Women's Featherweight Division!

Willow Nightingale vs. Ashley Vox (w/Delmi Exo)

Both women lock up. Willow Nightingale sends Ashley Vox to the corner and breaks it up cleanly. Nightingale hoists Vox up and knocks her down with a shoulder tackle. Nightingale lifts Vox up again, but this time in the firewoman's carry. Vox slips out the side and confines Nightingale's arm. Vox eats an elbow in the corner, then a power slam and senton. Nightingale looks for a cover. Vox is out at two. Nightingale plants two back-to-back suplexes, then transition them into a northern lights suplex for two. Another kick out from Vox follows.

Nightingale holds Vox down in a body scissors (of sorts) and uses her free leg to rain down feet strikes. Vox frees herself with a lateral press. Nightingale departs at two. Vox finds enough strength to hit a dropkick and a hurricanrana. Vox follows Nightingale to the outside with a perfect middle rope dive. Nightingale tries to turn her luck around with a Uranage, but Vox counters with a swinging DDT for another two count. Nightingale grabs Vox as she's coming off the ropes. Vox escapes with a heavy European uppercut in the corner. Nightingale eludes Vox with a cartwheel turned superkick!

Both women are back on their feet. Nightengale rocks Vox with a hip toss and spinebuster! Nightingale puts Vox in the cover position. Vox wiggles out at two! Nightingale continues to stay on top of Vox with a cannonball in the corner. Vox rolls away from a top rope moonsault. Vox clobbers Nightingale with a clothesline for another near-fall. Vox locks in an armbar. Nightingale tries desperately to stop it. She uses the turnbuckles to her advantage to break it up. Nightingale capitalizes with a beautiful and devastating gut-wrench/sit-out powerbomb she calls the Willow Bomb for the pinfall victory! Both women put on a hell of a performance. Congrats to them both for starting a new era in MLW!

Winner: Willow Nightingale

- In the back, Hammerstone and Mads Krügger are still going at it.

- Still to come, Matt Cross will square off with CONTRA Unit's Jacob Fatu.

Backstage: Alicia Atout speaks with Davey Richards just before he competes in the 2021 Opera Cup Tournament. He's proud of his win against TJP from two weeks ago. He believes their dispute is far from over. TJP walks into the frame and says he agrees. Richards sends Atout out of the way before they straight to trade fists. MLW officials run in to break them up.

- Tomorrow night, Yoshihiro Tajiri will make his MLW debut at the Fightland special on Vice TV!

-Hammerstone holds the upper hand on Mads Krügger as we check back in on their fight.

-At the Fightland Control Center, Rich Bocchini runs down repeats the matches set for tomorrow night's one-hour special episode on Vice TV at 10 ET. Those matches are:

* Title Vs. Title/No Disqualification Match: Jacob Fatu (MLW World Heavyweight Championship) vs. Alex Hammerstone (National Openweight Championship)

By Cesar Duran's orders, their bout will be a No Disqualification Match!

* Four-Way Middleweight Title Match: Myron Reed (c) vs. Aramis vs. Arez vs. the debuting Yoshihiro Tajiri

- Wrestling Inc. will be covering this event tomorrow night. Come join us!

- 5150 doesn't like how the camera crew snuck up on them. Dr. Julius Smokes reveals to everyone the foreign object he used on Jordan Oliver to help them secure the win. It was a sturdy rock inside a sock. Clever, clever! They hope that beatdown signifies just how dangerous they are. Their new objective is to become the next MLW World Tag Team Champions.

- Jacob Fatu's right-hand man and manager, Josef Samael, asks the burning question, what happens if Alex Hammerstone doesn't capture the MLW World Heavyweight Championship? Regardless, Samael is 100 percent certain that Jacob Fatu will continue his dominant reign as MLW's top champion.

- We check back in on Mads Krügger as he viciously wears Hammerstone down with body shots. Hammerstone recovers and slams Krügger right into the wall. Finally, MLW officials and referees split them up.

- We see the cold opener for Hammerstone/Fatu's title fight. This epic battle has been two years in the making, and it all goes down tomorrow night. But that all could change should Matt Cross conquer "The Samoan Werewolf" tonight!

Speaking of Fatu, he has a tall task in front of him when he faces Matt Cross next!

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu (c) (w/Josef Samael) vs. Matt Cross

This will be Jacob Fatu's 10th title defense. The fans are all pulling for Fatu as they break out with a thunderous chant. Matt Cross throws Fatu into the corner. Coming off a handspring back elbow, Fatu catches Cross and drags him to the center of the ring. Cross creates some space with a nice head scissors takedown. Fatu hoists himself up on the apron. Cross knocks him off with a big punt kick. Fatu goes face-first into the guard rail. Cross follows him out there with a suicide dive.

Fatu journeys back with a vicious headbutt. Fatu has Cross over his shoulder. Cross slips out the back and drives the champion right into the ring post. Cross follows with a flag pole press keeping Fatu off his feet. Cross cartwheels off the top rope and eats a dropkick from The Samoan Werewolf, who is still trying to gather enough stamina to match Cross. Fatu drives Cross in the mat with a Falcon Arrow and two powerful headbutts for just a two count.

Cross sends some chops and forearms smashes over to Fatu. The champ returns the favor with a horrifying swinging Uranage! Cross lands shoulder-first into the ring post. Cross formulates some forearm smashes. Fatu cripples Cross with a knife-edge shot straight across the throat. Josef Samael barks orders at Fatu. Fatu hoists Cross up and dumps him with a devastating Samoan Drop. Then, he hammer throws poor Cross towards the turnbuckles. Fatu praises CONTRA before charging over to Cross in the corner. With full speed ahead, Fatu walks right into a boot.

Cross hits pump kick after pump kick, then a roaring springboard forearm. Cross tries to keep Fatu down with a standing moonsault. He hooks the leg, and Fatu pops out at two. Cross wants to hoist Fatu up but can't make the proper lift. He falls to the mat, and Fatu flies over on top of him with a springboard handstand moonsault! Fatu comes in with a lateral press. Cross wiggles out. Cross picks up momentum with a double stomp off the top onto Fatu and a suicide dive on Samael. Cross is catching his breath when all of a sudden, Fatu transcends over with a beautiful aerial spot!

Back in the ring, Cross hits a rebound cutter for a 2.9 count! Cross heads to the top and flies off with a shooting star press. Fatu rocks him in mid-air with a clothesline! Fatu puts this thing away with a springboard moonsault. Jacob Fatu lives to see another day as the MLW World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: Jacob Fatu

Post-Match: Josef Samael motions for the SENTAI Death Squad to come out and bag up Matt Cross. Samael and the SENTAI Death Squad take Cross with them to the back while Jacob Fatu stands tall in the ring. The crowd are 100 percent behind him.

- In the parking lot, Hammerstone catches Samael and the SENTAI Death Squad setting Cross in the trunk of their car. Hammerstone whales on Samael. The broadcast ends.

That concludes this week's episode. Be sure to join us tomorrow night for our coverage of MLW Fightland!