New ROH Women's Champion Rok-C Open To A Match With AEW's Britt Baker

Standing as Ring of  Honor Women's Champion, Rok-C wants competition. Whether it's in the company or not. She wants to test herself against the best of the best. Just recently the 19-year-old shared the ring with a new challenge in Killer Kelly.


"To have my first championship defense against her was really cool. She is so awesome," Rok-C said on today's The Wrestling Inc. Daily. "She is one of the most amazing women I've met in my life. I'm really excited to keep defending this championship. There are a lot of women in Ring of Honor who I have my eye on too."

Among them is new ROH signing Trish Adora. The first Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Champion also participated in the Quest for Gold tournament but was defeated by Rok-C's finals opponent Miranda Alize.

"Trish Adora is amazing. Her story is amazing. I'm really looking forward to sharing the ring with her," Rok-C added.

Looking at the rich landscape of women's wrestling, Rok-C is excited at the possibilities. The progress made in spotlighting female talent is not lost on her.


"There are so many women's wrestlers. It's crazy because just a few years ago you may have seen maybe one women's match on the card," Rok-C said. "It was called the eye candy match. The women were very sexualized. No, these are wrestlers. We just had NWA Empowerrr. That was amazing. Now we're having women's main events.

"I think it's really cool. Maria Kanellis said it. There is no door. I'm open to anyone who wants to challenge me for the championship. Whether it be [at] Impact or Britt Baker or anyone. I think that would be so amazing. I've had so many experiences throughout my career regardless of how old I am. They've shaped me to be ready for matches like this. I've always been told you should not have to get ready. You should stay ready. If anyone wants a shot at the title I'm ready."

It's a mindset really developed while working for Booker T's Reality of Wrestling promotion in Texas. The former ROW champ can't say enough good things about her time training there.

"You learn about everything. The setup is amazing," Rok-C. "They have promos. Booker T speaks about working for TV. If I didn't have that experience before and was thrown into Ring of Honor, I would have walked in there like, 'Oh my God.' Reality of Wrestling is so special to me because I grew up there. I was there when I was 16 and won their championship at 18. I was their youngest women's champion. I will forever be grateful for Reality of Wrestling."


Now with ROH going all-in with its women's division, Rok-C feels what will make them stand out is the company's overall presentation. They lean more into the technical side and quality of matches.

"Ring of Honor is pure wrestling. I think the tournament gave all these women the chance to show how talented they are," Rok-C said. "You have so many amazing women like Trish Adora. Nicole Savoy, who I got to wrestle a few months prior to the tournament. You have these amazing women now having the spotlight on them. We're going to make so much magic. Whether it be put on more main events with the women or whatever it may be. Maybe an all-women's Ring of Honor pay-per-view. There is so much we can do."

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