NJPW confirmed earlier that TJP will be competing in CMLL soon.

TJP has been part of NJPW STRONG since the start. He recently became a member of Will Ospreay's faction, the United Empire.

This Saturday for NJPW STRONG's Showdown tapings, TJP will be teaming with Ospreay to face Ren Narita and Clark Connors.

CMLL announced on October 13 on Twitter about TJP competing in the promotion.

The promotion tweeted, "The bombings continue at the international level ... The spectacular TJP will be presented soon at the CMLL!"

Below is NJPW's full statement and CMLL's tweet:

CMLL have announced that TJP will be competing in the promotion 'imminently'. The Fil-Am Flash has been a part of NJPW STRONG since its inception, and recently joined the United Empire in Texas. TJP will be wrestling in Philadelphia on NJPW STRONG's Showdown tapings this weekend, where he will be teaming with Will Ospreay against Ren Narita and Clark Connors on Saturday night, and facing Clark Connors one on one Sunday.