Paul Heyman explains Why The Usos are "Light-Years Ahead" of other Tag Teams

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Paul Heyman heaped praise on The Usos, comparing the SmackDown Tag Team Champions to other historically-great teams such as The Funk Brothers.

"Much like a modern-day, progressive version of the Funk brothers, or Tully [Blanchard] and Arn [Anderson], or Pat [Patterson] and [Ray] Stevens, or even DX, they are individual singles stars that are bigger together than they are separately," Heyman said. "Jimmy and Jey are two great singles wrestlers that happen to be identical twins. They would be singles stars, but they work incredibly well together as a tag team."

Heyman then went onto explain why The Usos are "light-years ahead" of not just the rest of the WWE roster, but every other tag team in pro wrestling.

"The Usos are exactly where Roman Reigns was two and a half years ago, and that's at the cusp of entering their prime," Heyman stressed. "You have not seen the best of The Usos yet, and they are already light-years ahead of everyone else on the roster and all of sports entertainment.

"They've weathered the storms, gone through their controversies, and taken and delivered their beatings. The Usos are not only at the top of their game, they are at the top of the entire concept of tag team wrestling. Years from now, by the time they wrap up this run, they will be recognized as not just the best tag team of all-time, but as the two men that caused us to redefine the description of the type of match they present."

Heyman added, "Much like I took the term manager and progressed it and evolved it into agent-advocate-special counsel, The Usos are a transformative tag team that are so great we will need to find a different description to describe their matches."

The Usos faced The New Day's Kofi Kingston and King Xavier Woods in the main event of this week's SmackDown.