Paul Heyman Talks Kayla Braxton Having A Crush On Him

Paul Heyman recently spoke with Matthew Aguilar of and commented on new SmackDown Superstars coming to the blue brand in the WWE Draft. He was asked if there's any WWE Superstar who, with the right backing and special counsel of their own, could be on the same level of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

"No. But can they be in the ring with Roman Reigns? Absolutely. Absolutely. Drew McIntyre belongs in the ring with Roman Reigns," Heyman said. "And it's a pleasure to watch Roman Reigns smash Drew McIntyre. Xavier Woods, who upset Bobby Lashley on an episode of RAW, obviously deserves to be in the ring with Roman Reigns. And it would be a pleasure to watch Roman Reigns smash Xavier Woods.

"Kofi Kingston is a former world heavyweight champion, deserves to be in the ring with Roman Reigns. It would be a pleasure to watch Roman Reigns smash Kofi Kingston. It would be a pleasure to watch Roman Reigns smash Humberto Carrillo. It would be a pleasure to watch Roman Reigns smash Angel Garza. There are a plethora of potential challengers coming over from RAW, from NXT, that should be in the ring with Roman Reigns, so that Roman Reigns can demonstrate his superiority in a declarative statement. The same way he did at WrestleMania when he beat Edge and Daniel Bryan, and stacked them on top of each other like it was a handicap match, and pinned them both."

Heyman praised Reigns and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos, and also mentioned Kayla Braxton's alleged fascination with him, when asked if there is anyone in the pop culture universe or the superhero world that Heyman would see fit as a client.

"See, I don't ... With the exception of Kayla Braxton's sapiosexual lust for me, I don't deal in fantasy. I deal in reality. I deal in fact. I deal in absolutes," Heyman said. "This whole thing, and I understand you're from the comic book world, I don't deal with that. I deal with reality. I deal with the fact that Roman Reigns is carving out a GOAT legacy here in WWE. And every single solitary moment of my day is designed to be special counsel to that goal, to that achievement, that he is smashing out of the park every single time he appears.

"And then, I also happen to serve as the warden for the Uso penitentiary, the Tag Team Champions, the best tag team in the past 20 years, if not of all time, as well. So to deal with this fantasy-shmantasy, what am I supposed to say? Oh, I'd really love to be special counsel for Batman?"

The interviewer asked Heyman why there's a feud with Braxton.

"I don't ... I like Kayla. I think Kayla has great taste in men, because she has such a crush on me. I don't dislike Kayla at all," Heyman said. "I think Kayla's a remarkably talented person, but she's a stalker, and she's stalking me, and she's bothering me. And she's nagging me. And she pokes pokes, pokes, pokes, pokes, pokes, every time, with her freaking questions, and her interrogatories. It's like being in a deposition.

"It's just like, 'Leave me alone. Go bug somebody else. Bug you. She has two hours, you should call her right now, if she's awake. Oh, it's only noon at this moment. God knows if she's up at this hour. But you should call her now and have her on for a couple of hours, and talk to her, and gossip. That's what she does, she gossips. She'd love to talk about superheroes. She thinks she's Wonder Woman, but I have nothing against her. I like her very much."