PROGRESS Wrestling Results (10/16): Tag Team Championship Match

Saturday, October 16 was PROGRESS Wrestling's event,  "Chapter 124: Cakehorn."

During the event, Smokin' Aces retained the PROGRESS Tag Team Titles against Kings Of The North.

The location of PROGRESS Wrestling 124: Cakehorn was the Theatre Peckham in London.

Below are the results: 

* Lizzy Evo defeated Raven Creed

* Smokin' Aces (c) defeated Kings Of The North (PROGRESS Tag Team Championship Match)

*  Skye Smitson defeated Laura Di Matteo (Revelations Of Divine Love Round 1)

* Rhio defeated Lana Austin (Revelations Of Divine Love Round 1)

* Sunshine Machine defeated LK Mezinger & Sandy Beach

* Gene Munny defeated Danny Black

* Luke Jacobs defeated KEINEN Krishna

* Elijah defeated Ethan Allen

* Dan Moloney, Man Like Dereiss & Jody Fleisch defeated Warren Banks & Lykos Gym

The show was available to watch on Peacock (the US only), WWE Network, and demandPROGRESS.