Rey Mysterio talked with Graham GSM Matthews of Bleacher Report about passing the torch to his son, Dominik, and the potential of the two having a singles match down the road. Mysterio also discussed a dream match against Finn Balor.

Rey noted there will come a time when he and Dominik will no longer be so attached at the hip, but he feels like it will be a tough task for them to actually compete in the ring.

“We talked about a lot of wrestling as a team before he even stepped in a ring,” Mysterio recalled. “It was something that we envisioned. ‘Imagine the day that we get to wrestle together, and imagine the day that we get to face each other.’ As his career took off, that match that we dreamed about wrestling together happened so fast, in the blink of an eye, after his debut against Seth Rollins. Seeing the growth within my son and seeing how attached I’ve been to him, and I know eventually I have to let him go and have him grow on his own, but it would be very, very hard for me to face him one-on-one.”

In regards to passing the torch, Rey felt like his son has already done a good job of establishing his own unique identity to the WWE Universe.

“I think he’s already established his own identity as Dom Mysterio. There was a lot expected from the WWE Universe on what he could bring to the table, but slowly but surely, I think he has been holding his own. You have to work for things in life and that was the perfect example, especially in this industry, that it cost me a lot to be able to carry the name Rey Mysterio Jr. And it happened.

“Once that happened, it was just a life transformation for me. I felt like everything was just going my way. My career just grew. With Dom, I think eventually there will be the day that I’ll be able to pass on the torch, pass on the legacy of the mask and hope—whether he accepts it or not—the hard work that he’s shown and keeps showing will eventually pay off. And that it will turn into me passing the mask onto my son.”

Switching gears to a different opponent, Mysterio was asked about his current dream match in WWE — facing Finn Balor.

“You took the name right out of my mouth,” Mysterio said on the subject of potential dream matches. “I’ve said it before in the past — Finn Balor is definitely a guy I’d love to step in the ring and do a program with. I think he’s an incredible talent, and I think our styles clash and we’d definitely give [fans] something special to remember.”