Riddle Says He Was Laughed At When Originally Pitching RK-Bro To WWE

One half of the RAW Tag Team Champions Riddle was recently on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg. Riddle discussed if he could have ever imagined his current run, and he revealed when the idea of "RK-Bro" with Randy Orton came up.

"I don't know if this exact thing was on the docket on the list of things to do, but it was definitely an idea I've had in the back of my head for a very long time," Riddle revealed. "When I saw an opportunity to make 'RK-Bro', because I mentioned it probably a month or so before it actually happened. I mentioned it to some of the writers, some the boys in the back, and they all proceeded to laugh at me when I said, 'How cool would RK-Bro be?' I try to talk to the writing team, I try to talk to all the camera crew.

"I try to talk to everybody and have fun with everybody, and I've noticed by doing that, my co-workers learn my mannerisms. They learn how I talk my, my dialect, I guess, and they can do things easier for me or more better for me. I think that's really it. RK-Bro, I brought it up, wishful thinking. It kind of got laughed at, and I was like, 'Oh, that'll never happen.' And then a couple weeks later, Randy didn't have an opponent. I didn't have an opponent, and we made it happen. And since we worked together that first time, we've been inseparable since."

Riddle then recalled his first reaction with Orton. He noted the times where things were awkward between them, and how close they have grown since then.

"Well, I've met Randy before but it was not really in person. It was more so through social media, and we worked for the same company," Riddle recalled. "I was just in NXT, and I caught that Randy wasn't a huge fan of mine. That'll happen. There's a lot of people that aren't my biggest fans in the WWE. I talk a lot of trash, and I'm super laid back. I think it comes off that I have no respect for anybody, but I do. I respect everybody. I just talk a little too much trash. I remember that the first thing Randy ever wrote to me was, it was after me and stallion Pete [Dunne] won the tag team championships in NXT. And he goes, 'I get it now. Good luck, but I still hate you.' In Randy's style, he still said something mean to me.

"Then, I guess, I came into the locker room and I didn't shake his hand. I figured he was just busy and I didn't want to bother him, but I think he took that as disrespect at first too. But then, like everybody, once you get to know me, I grow on you, and now me, and Randy are quite tight. We're BFFs and we have a lot of fun. I'll be honest, we enjoy each other's company. I mean the other day, he invited me on the bus to hang out on the bus. I got bus privileges now.

"I'm not allowed on it, but if he's on the bus, I'm usually allowed on it. Now his driver knows me, so it's kind of a sweet deal. I even get Damian Priest on the bus sometimes because he's one of my buddies too. Damian Priest is getting the rub. A lot of things are happening, but me and Randy's relationship has very much so blossomed and we really enjoy working with each other. Randy's enjoyed his veteran experiences and that's his kind of role. He's been doing a great job with me. He takes care of me, he doesn't lead me astray. He keeps me on the right path and he helps me out. He really does."

Riddle and Orton have been a tag team for the past few months and have grown their fanbase since then. Riddle revealed how much of what fans see on TV is similar to real life.

"The thing is, I say goofy, stupid stuff all the time, and Randy gives me a look. Now granted, sometimes it might be a little over the top on TV, but in real life, I say goofy crap all the time and make him laugh. That's basically it. I'm just trying to make him laugh all the time."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Cheap Heat with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.