Roman Reigns Rips CM Punk, Says He’s Lost “A Step Or Two”

During a recent conversation with Complex , WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns directly addressed the idea of one day having a match against CM Punk. "The Tribal Chief" didn't mince words when responding to what some may consider a 'dream match' between the two top stars.

"So I answered a question similar to this a while ago, and it falls back to what our audience wants to see," Reigns said. "If our audience wanted to see it and they were clamoring for it, couldn't shut up about it, and all the stars aligned, as a businessman and as a performer who was trying to seek out the very best for the audience and try to captivate, I wouldn't say no.

"But I mean, on a personal level, it doesn't do anything for me," he continued. "That's not going to elevate me at all. He's older now. I haven't really seen a full match. I've seen a clip or two. And to me, a step or two has been lost. Then, also, he got his whooped in the UFC."

Reigns continued with his candid comments, saying that someone Punk's size couldn't actually pose any threat to someone the size of Reigns. Furthermore, he thinks he could easily take on the entire AEW roster.

"I don't think anybody really believes someone 200 pounds soaking wet with no explosive bone in their body could ever really do anything to me. I'm 6'3", 265 pounds, a legitimate athlete who can throw some weight around and has been on the gridiron at the highest level. D1. All ACC. I probably would've maintained in the NFL if my health issues didn't happen when I was 22 years old," Reigns explained. "So, I mean, when it comes down to it, I'll throw him and pretty much the rest of that roster out the club no problem. They're just little brothers, you know?"