Sami Zayn Lashes Out At Being The Last WWE Draft Pick

Sami Zayn took to Twitter this week and reacted to being the very last pick in the 2021 WWE Draft.

Besides the supplemental Draft picks announced on RAW Talk this past Monday, Zayn was announced as the final pick on Monday's Draft Night 2 edition of RAW. SmackDown picked Zayn to remain on the brand. Zayn took to Twitter this week and responded to a WWE On FOX tweet, which said the best was saved for last.

"Imagine drafting the most versatile and complete wrestler on earth DEAD F—-ING LAST in your draft and then acting like it was all part of the master plan," Zayn wrote.

Before that Zayn reacted to the Draft pick after it was announced by tweeting, "LAST."

Zayn has been floating around the midcard of SmackDown for a few months now. He has three SmackDown TV wins over Dominik Mysterio since late August, but has not been involved in anything significant for a while.

You can see Zayn's full tweets below: