Thunder Rosa And The Briscoes Make Surprise Appearances At GCW Fight Club

At GCW Fight Club, AEW star Thunder Rosa and ROH stars The Briscoe Brothers made surprise appearances. Rosa joined in on the scramble match to make it a seven-way scramble, and The Briscoes confronted GCW Team Champions Mance Warner and Matthew Justice.


Originally, the scramble match was set to feature Gringo Loco, Jimmy Lloyd, Calvin Tankman, Brayden Lee, Dante Leon and ASF. Right before the bell rang, music played and out came Rosa to a roaring pop. Lloyd emerged victorious off the scramble match.

However, later in the show, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley came out before the Jon Moxley – Nick Gage main event match. Foley cut a promo where he called Rosa "a women's hardcore legend." Foley tweeted out this out as well and apologized to Britt Baker in his tweet.

Warner and Justice won their six-man tag team match, and after the match, they cut a promo claiming that no tag team could beat them, including teams in AEW. However, once Warner said that one one could beat them, music started playing and out came The Briscoes. The two teams stared each other down as the crowd chanted "tomorrow" in hopes that the match could be made for GCW: The Aftermath on Oct. 10. An official announcement has not been made on when the title match will happen.


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