Top Dolla Releases Diss Track Aimed At The young Bucks

The social media feud between WWE's "Top Dolla" AJ Francis and AEW's The Young Bucks continues.

As we've noted, The Bucks and Top Dolla of Hit Row took a few jabs at each other via Twitter this week, specifically over who's the more legitimate sneaker-head. Top Dolla trended all day on Twitter on Thursday, and The Bucks took credit for that. You can click here for our previous report on the jabs, including comments from MVP that may have been a few knocks at AEW over being competition to WWE.

In an update, Top Dolla took to Twitter today and released a diss track against The Bucks. It's clear that the rap is aimed at the AEW stars because it was recorded over the beat to the "Let Me In" single released by rapper Young Buck on his 2004 album from G-Unit.

Dolla, who had a career in music long before he got into pro wrestling, usually releases freestyles on Friday mornings. Today's song is titled "FRAN¢Style Friday 129 aka SNEAKER DI$$" in a reference to the sneaker-head beef with The Young Bucks on Twitter this week. He noted how he wrote, recorded and mixed the song by himself, and then shot and edited the video by himself, all in under 3 hours.

The Bucks have not responded to the diss track as of this writing.

You can hear the full song below, along with his follow-up tweet: