Tough Travel Day For The Young Bucks, Dark Order Is Back (Being The Elite)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks go shopping.

* Travel day for The Young Bucks and some sneaker shopping in Rochester. They get back to their rental car that they parked in a parking garage and the back window is shattered. Matt Jackson says apparently some other wrestlers had the same issue. They feel super lucky that they didn't leave their bags and other items in the car. The guys are bummed they'll have to get to the airport soon to explain to the rental company what happened. "Do better," Nick says to whoever broke into the car.

* 2point0 do their show and talk about people who want a shot at the BTE Championship. They decide to start up an eight-person tournament to determine the next contender.

* John Silver and Alex Reynolds talk about finding a new friend. They see Adam Cole and strike up a conversation. They just want to be friends and aren't looking to recruit him. Cole says he already has friends and doesn't need any more. Silver says didn't they kill Cole? Cold has no idea what he's talking about. More bantering, they end up freaking out Cole and he bounces.

* Clips from Dynamite with The Elite.

* Backstage, The Elite show off their new tattoos (not permanent). Karl Anderson thanks them for the flu shot because he thinks Sour Boy is gone. He ends up eating some sour Nerds and Sour Boy is not gone. Guys laugh and say it's terrible.

* In Hollywood, Ryan Nemeth is at a film festival (HollyShorts). He's doing an interview about why he's there and everything is fine until the interview asks "What happened to Michelle that night?" Nemeth starts seeing random images and starts to freak out. He's then snaps back to reality and she asks what projects he has lined up? Nemeth is in a new film, Heel (which apparently has his brother, WWE star Dolph Ziggler, in it). We see some footage from the movie.

* Highlights shown of Friday's Rampage featuring Nick Jackson taking on Bryan Danielson.

* Backstage, Dark Order chat it up and it seems to be everything is good again. More bantering until Anna Jay shows up and shoves Grayson over some backstage equipment. They say "Anna!" a couple times and she says, "I'm back, you little b****es!" The group cheers and then goes off to get some food.