Twitch earnings Revealed For Impact, Paige, Adam Cole And Others

A Twitch leak has revealed what several top pro wrestling accounts earned on the streaming service over a two year period.

Anonymous message board 4chan, the source of several verified data leaks in the past, had a user share 135gb of leaked data/source code from Twitch this week, revealing the payouts of top streamers on the platform. Several streamers have since verified the numbers based on their own, and Vice's Motherboard outlet also found that some of the leaked data was accurate. Twitch also confirmed the data breach on its Twitter account.

The payout data includes revenue for what accounts made from September 2019 through September 2021. It should be noted that the data includes payouts from subscriptions and Twitch's Bit system. The payout data does not include donations, which is a significant source of revenue for most Twitch streamers. It's been estimated that subscriptions amount to between 30% and 60% of a streamer's income, with most of their revenue coming from direct donations.

Below is Twitch payout data for the top pro wrestling streamers, from September 2019 – September 2021:

* Adam Cole – $318,080 (@TheCHUGS)

* Colt Cabana – $32,479 (@coltcabana)

* Evil Uno – $35,742 (@eviluno)

* Impact Wrestling – $69,140 (@impactwrestling)

* Paige – $478,224 (@SarayaOfficial)

* Tyler Breeze – $43,755 (@thesweetzlive)

* Xavier Woods – $25,431 (@AustinCreed)

* Zelina Vega – $341,748 (@theatrinidad)

It's very interesting to note that Impact Wrestling made just $69,140 for the period. At one point Impact aired their weekly flagship TV show and special events on Twitch, but now they're just airing a 24 hour stream of classic content. The main partnership with Twitch was ended in August of this year as they launched the "Impact Insiders" membership program on YouTube instead.

The numbers show why WWE wanted a piece of revenue from third-party content last year, and why Adam Cole refused to give up his Twitch channel during WWE contract talks before he signed with AEW this summer.