Windham Rotunda Drops WWE And Bray Wyatt From Twitter Handle

Bray Wyatt is officially no more on social media.

Windham Rotunda has finally changed his Twitter handle from @WWEBrayWyatt, almost 90 days after being released from WWE. Rotunda kept the WWE handle he's used for years for the same reason Bryan Danielson did following his WWE release, so that he would be able to keep his Twitter verification through the transition process.

Rotunda's new Twitter handle is @Windham6, and he is still verified. He has used @thewindhamrotunda on Instagram for a few years now.

There is still no word on if Rotunda will end up in AEW or Impact Wrestling, or with another promotion. One fan theory on social media has had Rotunda returning to WWE, with the speculation based on Rotunda keeping the WWE Twitter handle. Today's change should nix that idea.

WWE released Rotunda back on Saturday, July 31, and he will officially become a free agent tomorrow, on Friday, October 29. For those who missed it, he posted the following countdown teaser on Wednesday night.

Stay tuned for more on Rotunda's pro wrestling future.