WWE 205 Live Results (10/1): Tag Team Main Event, Dante Chen arrives, Women's single bout

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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with Dante Chen making his first appearance on the 205 Live brand!

Dante Chen vs. Malik Blade

Both men go straight for a collar and elbow lock-up, with Dante Chen transitioning it into a wristlock. Malik Blade finds a way out. They lock up again, but this time, Blade holds the same maneuver on Chen. Chen recovers with a hip toss followed by two arm drags. He floats over with an armbar. Blade fires back with a forearm and dropkick combination. Blade looks for the arm again, but Chen pushes him away. Blade holds in an armbar. Chen follows with a slam, but Blade still has the armbar in place.


Blade changes his hold position with a double wristlock. Chen gets back in this with a front face lock, but Blade brings him back in with an armbar. Chen escapes with head scissors takedown. Chen lands a bicycle kick, and both men are down. Chen pops up with a running forearm for just a two-count. Chen doesn't stop there; he comes waltzing in with a back body drop and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Chen ends Blade with a guillotine drop for his first victory on the purple brand.

Winner: Dante Chen

Up next, Amari Miller and Valentina Feroz look to rehash their rivalry!

Amari Miller vs. Valentina Feroz

Both women show code of honor with a handshake just before they lock up. Valentina Feroz goes for a hammerlock while Amari Miller grounds Feroz with a side headlock. Feroz escapes and reverses the side headlock takedown. Miller pushes Feroz down for a two-count. Miller sends Feroz flying with an arm drag, then floats over to lock in an armbar. Miller breaks it up with a kick to the back for a near-fall count. Feroz drives Miller to the mat once more with a leg sweep and cover for two. Feroz uses a La Magistral for another near-fall.

Feroz fires up monkey flip for two. Feroz applies an armbar of her own. Feroz tries for a double wristlock, but Miller locks her arms. Miller connects some vicious forearm strikes. She looks for an Irish whip, but Miller blocks Feroz when she tries to float over. Feroz is sent face-first to the mat for a near-fall attempt. Miller with a rear chin lock. Feroz rallies with a jawbreaker and some judo tosses to Miller. Miller lands a sunset flip for another two-count. Feroz holds Miller in the small package position for two. Miller sends Feroz away with a facebuster. 1-2-3, Miller gains the victory in this bout! Both women are tied 1-1 apiece.


Winner: Amari Miller

And now, the main event!

Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) vs. Trey Baxter & Ikemen Jiro

Trey Baxter and Marcel Barthel kick things off with a lock-up. Barthel turns it into a solid wristlock takedown. Barthel with a hammerlock and Baxter goes for a headlock. Barthel headstands out, and he maintains the hammerlock hold. Barthel prevents a snapmare. Baxter goes to plan B with a takedown turned rollup for a two. Baxter lands an arm drag. Barthel hits the ropes and turns back with a running shoulder to Baxter, followed by a kick to the chest. Barthel hits a nasty forearm to the back. Fabian Aichner takes things from here with a tag. He heads in with an arm drag.

Ikemen Jiro tags himself in and looks for a slam, but Aichner has it all scouted out and decides to blocks it. Jiro goes for a leapfrog but gets caught. Jiro escapes lands a flurry of punches on Aichner. Aichner eats a boot before Jiro makes a tag out to Baxter. Jiro helps Baxter soften Aichner up with a tarantula on the ropes before Baxter lands a lethal kick at two. Baxter kicks Barthel and Jiro sends Barthel to the floor. Aichner and Barthel exchange some heavy-hitting clotheslines to Jiro and Baxter in retaliation for being thrown to the floor. Aichner and Barthel continue the onslaught with stereo dropkicks to Baxter. Barthel is the legal man and wraps Baxter up in a side headlock. Barthel pays homage to WALTER with a soul-crushing chop and suplex to the turnbuckles. Barthel tags in and Aichner. Aichner gets a backbreaker before being sent outside. Barthel charges in with a kick and elbow drop for another near-fall count.


Aichner flings Baxter into the ropes. Barthel tags in and chokes Baxter. Baxter tries to fight him off with more punches, but Barthel shuts him down with knee strikes. Barthel with a boot to the head and a kick to the chest for two. Baxter lands on his feet from a backdrop, and Barthel socks him with a clothesline for another near-fall. Aichner smacks Baxter with a European uppercut. Baxter recovers to smash in some forearms. Aichner takes the lead again with chops and a clothesline. Aichner with a pin. Baxter with a kick out.

Aichner goes for a belly-to-back suplex. Baxter reverses it into a sunset flip instead. Baxter lands a kick as Jiro and Aichner are tagged in. Jiro is firing on all cylinders with a kick to Barthel, and forearm smashes onto Aichner. Jiro gets sent to the apron after an Irish Whip attempt. Jiro charges back into the ring with a double jump moonsault for two. Baxter tags back in, and he connects an enzuigiri to Barthel on the apron. Baxter lands a plancha onto Barthel. Then, Jiro soars in with a springboard punch to Aichner. Aichner finds enough strength to plant a brainbuster on Baxter. Aichner kicks Jiro out of the way, and then Imperium joins forces with their self-named Bomb on Baxter for the win.


Winners: Imperium

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!