WWE 205 Live Results (10/15): Roderick Strong vs. Odyssey Jones, Jensen & Briggs in action

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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with a singles match!

Boa vs. Jeet Rama

This was a very quick feat. Jeet Rama creates solid control in the beginning. Boa breaks his momentum up with some ferocious strikes. The punches turn into a head kick, which helps him obtain the pinfall victory.

Winner: Boa

Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs vs. Kegan Scott & Taylor Garland

This, too, was a lightning-fast contest. Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs plant a double powerbomb on the local talent to end things early. Jensen and Briggs walk out the victors.

Winners: Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs

And now, the main event!

Roderick Strong (w/ the Diamond Mine) vs. Odyssey Jones

Odyssey Jones mauls the Cruiserweight champion earlier on in the match. Roderick Strong heads out of the ring to catch his breath. Hachiman becomes a distraction for Jones, which gives Strong enough time to gain some control. Strong executes a wicked chop on Jones' leg and keeps him grounded. Jones whips up a throat punch to end Strong's offense. Strong batters back a round of strikes and a landing knee. Jones plummets to the mat. 1-2-3, Strong conquers the pinfall victory.

Winner: Roderick Strong

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!