WWE 205 Live results: Sarray vs. Katrina Cortez, Xyon Quinn battles Ru Feng

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of WWE 205 Live! Tonight's action-packed show will take place right after Friday Night SmackDown at 10 PM EST on Peacock (in the United States) and WWE Network (everywhere else). Be sure to chime in on your thoughts about tonight's show in the comments section below. Additionally, share our live coverage through social media. Make sure to click the REFRESH button to continue to get the most current up-to-date coverage. Below is what's on tonight's agenda:

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with the first singles match scheduled on the card!

Jeet Rama vs. Boa

Jeet Rama dominantly leads in the early going with ground control. Rama sustained momentum with strong throws just as Boa rises to a vertical base. Boa accumulates control with some hard-hitting strikes. Boa holds Rama down on the mat with a submission, but Rama rebuilds momentum. Unfortunately, Rama leaves himself open for a reverse DDT, steering directly to a pinfall for Boa.

Winner: Boa 

Up next is some women's action!

Sarray vs. Katrina Cortez

Sarray heads for immediate ground control. Katrina Cortez has a hard time trying to catch up. She finally does with an underhanded leg sweep. Cortez locks in multiple submissions, trying to find a hold that will stick. After rising to a vertical base, Sarray throws down a series of strikes before taking Cortez back down on the mat.

Sarray briefly holds Cortez with a submission, but luckily, Cortez makes a break for the ropes. Sarry was a hair away from winning this whole contest after landing a fisherman buster, to which Cortez kicked out of at the 2.9 count! Sarray digs deep with a single leg dropkick followed by a missile dropkick that seals the pinfall victory in her favor.

Winner: Sarray 

And now, the main event!

Xyon Quinn vs. Ru Feng

Straight away, Ru Feng drives Xyon Quinn to the mat. Quinn overpowers Feng to return to a vertical position. Both men trade back and forth power moves until Quinn clasps the upper hand with a leaping forearm, which helps him earn a quick win in the main event.

Winner: Xyon Quinn

That concludes this week's episode of 205 Live. Have a spooky Halloweekend, everyone!