WWE Crown Jewel: Edge vs. Seth Rollins (Hell In A Cell)

Hell In a Cell: Seth Rollins vs. WWE Hall of Famer Edge

The familiar sound starts up over the arena as the red Hell In a Cell structure lowers around the ring. We get a video package for the big rubber match between Seth Rollins and WWE Hall of Famer Edge. Back from the promo and out first comes Rollins. He stops outside of the Cell and poses for the Saudi crowd. Fans boo as Rollins enters the Cell. The music hits and out next comes Edge to a huge pop. Edge heads to the ring as the pyro explodes.

The bell rings after the Cell door is locked. They go at it to start. They brawl in the corner and Edge turns it around coming out of the corner. Edge catches Rollins and drops him over the top rope. Edge keeps control and sends Rollins to the apron to regroup. Rollins grabs Edge and drops him over the top rope. Rollins launches himself back into the ring with a flying knee to the face.

Rollins runs for a suicide dive but he crashed into the Cell steel as Edge side-steps. Edge grinds Rollins' face into the Cell wall now. Edge slams Rollins back into the steel again, then whips him into the steel ring steps. Edge brings it back in the ring and slides two steel chairs in. Edge drops Rollins with the Edge-ucution for a close 2 count. Edge grabs the bar off the bottom of the chair and tries for the Glasgow Grin but Rollins fights him off. Rollins tries to jab the bar into Edge's eye now but Edge fights him off. Rollins with a Slingblade for a 2 count.

Rollins runs and dropkicks Edge under the bottom rope to the floor. Rollins launches Edge into the Cell wall now, and again. Edge is sent back in but he runs and dropkicks Rollins under the bottom rope, sending him crashing into the steel as Rollins looked under the ring. Edge brings Rollins to the apron and rocks him with knee strikes. Edge with a big thrust in the corner now. Rollins comes back and drops Edge with a chair shot as fans boo. Rollins with several more chair shots over the back to keep Edge down. Fans boo and chant "you suck!" at Rollins as he stands tall.

Rollins looks to do the Con-Chair-To but Edge blocks him. Edge applies the Crossface now. Rollins goes for the bottom rope but that will do no good. Rollins grabs the bar from the chair instead, jabbing it into Edge's eye to break the hold. Rollins tosses a chair to Edge and he catches it. Rollins punches the chair into Edge's face. Rollins goes to the top and hits a big Frogsplash for a close 2 count. Rollins mounts Edge with right hands now, showing some frustration.

Rollins goes under the ring and brings out a table as fans chant "yes!" now. Rollins stands the table up at ringside while Edge recovers in the ring. Rollins comes back in and grinds at Edge's hurt eye. Rollins keeps control and delivers the Unprettier for a close 2 count as fans rally for Edge. Rollins goes to the top but Edge shoves him off from behind, sending him into the Cell wall, then through the table at ringside.

Edge rolls Rollins back in and covers for a 2 count. Edge takes apart the steel steps at ringside now, bringing them into the ring. Edge pushes the steps into the middle of the ring while Rollins is still down. Edge brings Rollins onto the steps but Rollins blocks and swings. Edge ducks and drops Rollins onto the steps with the Edge-o-Matic. Edge also takes a fall on part of the steel. Fans chant "this is awesome!" now as Edge gets up first. Edge grabs a chair and takes it to the top turnbuckle. Edge leaps from the top onto Rollins, who is still down on the half of the steps, and smashes the chair into him with a flying elbow. Rollins still kicks out at 2.

Edge charges for a Spear but Rollins superkicks him. Rollins follows up with a Pedigree in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Rollins waits in the corner for Edge to get up. He goes for a Stomp but Edge catches him for a Buckle Bomb. Edge comes right back with a Spear for a close 2 count and Edge can't believe it. Fans chant "this is awesome!" again. Edge goes under the ring and brings a ladder out now. Edge slides the ladder in and rams it into Rollins' face as Rollins gets up to his feet with a chair in hand. Edge leans the ladder against the ropes in the corner now.

Edge takes Rollins back to the opposite corner and then whips Rollins to the ladder but Rollins counters and sends Edge into the leaning ladder. The ladder then falls on Edge. Rollins slams the ladder on Edge to keep him down. Rollins stands a table up in the ring now. Rollins pounds on Edge with right hands, focusing on the neck as fans boo. Rollins places Edge on the table and then stands the ladder up in the corner. Rollins climbs the turnbuckles, then gets on the ladder while Edge is laid out on the ladder. Edge comes off the ladder and climbs up, meeting Rollins on the ladder but Rollins knocks him off. Edge climbs the ladder again but he's slow to move. Edge grabs Rollins for a superplex from the top of the ladder. Rollins resists and fights back, also hitting a thumb to the eye. Rollins flips over the top of the ladder with a huge Sunset Bomb to put Edge through the table. Edge still kicks out at 2 and Rollins is shocked.

Rollins is furious now. He goes under the ring looking for weapons while Edge is flat on his back in the ring. The referee Jessika Carr, who is covered up, clears the ring of the table debris. Rollins comes back in and superkicks Edge to his knees, then rocks him again. Rollins with another superkick while Edge is on his knees. Rollins continues to yell at Edge and dare him. Rollins empties out a tool bag in the ring now, then pulls a chain out. Rollins wraps the chain around his boot as Edge is flat on his face. Rollins superkicks Edge in the face with the chain wrapped around his boot. Edge falls over from his knees once again.

Rollins decides not to go for the pin. He places a chair next to Edge and yells in his face about how this is the way his fairy tale will end. Rollins puts the chair under Edge's head. Rollins backs up and goes for the Stomp into the chair but Edge quickly puts the chair up and it jabs Rollins between the legs. They both are down now but struggling to get up. Edge gets up first and stares Rollins down. Edge with a superkick to the face. Edge stalks Rollins some more, stumbling around the ring. Edge with another superkick to the face while Rollins struggles to get up from his knees.

Edge takes the chain off Rollins' boot and uses it to pull back on Rollins' mouth. Rollins grabs a wrench from the tool bag but Edge stops him and uses that for the Glasgow Grin. Rollins goes to tap but Edge breaks the hold, dropping the wrench. Edge isn't done punishing Rollins. He places a chair under Rollins' head now as fans cheer him on. Edge backs up and uses Rollins' Stomp to smash his face into the chair. Edge covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Edge

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