WWE NXT UK Results: Heritage Cup Title Match, Mark Coffey Vs. Rohan Raja, More

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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with a grudge match!

Mark Coffey (w/Wolfgang) vs. Rohan Raja (w/Teoman)

Both men go for a tie-up, leading Mark Coffey to shove Rohan Raja against the ropes. Coffey takes his fight to Raja on the mat with a tight wrist lock takedown. Raja transitions by popping Coffey's shoulder out of the socket then sends him straight towards the ring post. Raja lands a near-fall count. Coffey charges back with a shoulder block and sidewalk slam. He comes crashing down off the second rope for a two-count. Raja returns as the commanding force with a massive powerbomb for two! But he eats a big boot and flying clothesline. Coffey hooks the leg one last time and earns the pinfall victory.

Winner: Mark Coffey

Post-Match: Teoman storms in and lays an attack on Gallus. Several referees step in to break it up. The fans let out a roar of boos.

- In the back, Tyler Bate is warming up with Trent Seven by his side.

- Sid Scala announces there will be a No. 1 Contenders Tag Team Championship match between Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz, Symbiosis and Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter in two weeks.

- Before his match later today, Charlie Dempsey looks to add another win to his undefeated streak. Gallus makes their way to the back and asks Dempsey to let them know if he sees Teoman. Dempsey is disappointed; this is the second interview he's had that was interrupted.

Amale vs. Myla Grace

Myla Grace tries to hold the upper hand at the beginning of this bout, but Amale shuts it down with some lockups. Both women trade blows, but Amale's lands the hardest. Myla kicks out early at one. Ms. Blair Davenport arrives to watch this match up close. Myla snapmares out of Amale's restraint. She keeps it up with a beautiful 619 attempt. Amale refuses to let Myla outdo her. She sends this thing into overdrive with a big boot and an exploder slam. Amale reigns victorious in this matchup.

Winner: Amale

- Noam Dar (w/Sha Samuels) gets some final stretches in before locking up with Tyler Bate.

- Nina Samuels tries to interview Aleah James, but James politely declines to speak with her.

- Rampage Brown wants none of Flash Morgan Webster's slaps. Instead, Brown tells Webster if he wants a match, he'll give it to him.

Charlie Dempsey vs. Danny Jones

Charlie Dempsey drops Danny Jones with a twisting single leg takedown. Dempsey lands one count after hitting a textbook suplex. Jones digs deep with a ruthless back fist before floating over with a bow and arrow! Dempsey ducks under and clutches in a standing armbar for another near-fall. His strength intensifies with a powerful fallaway suplex. Jones turns it around for a brief moment, but Dempsey latches on with two perfect butterfly suplexes. Dempsey earns his 2-0 victory when he locks in a straight armlock turned half crab/camel clutch combo.

Winner: Charlie Dempsey

- Next week, Jinny is primed for her NXT UK Women's Championship. We hear from Jinny and the champion Meiko Satomura in a pre-taped vignette. Will The Fashionista take home the gold for the first time, or can The Final Boss retain it?

- En route to Halloween, Isla Dawn is back in the woods, plotting her next moves in the women's division. She has gone full Joker at this point!

Next week:

*  NXT UK will air at a special start time of 4 pm ET.

* NXT UK Women's Championship: Meiko Satomura vs. Jinny

And now, the main event!

NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship: Tyler Bate (c) (w/Trent Seven) vs. Noam Dar (w/Sha Samuels)

Round 1:

Both men are focused on feeling each other out in this round. After testing the waters with a feint kick, Noam Dar sends Tyler Bate flat on the mat with a waistlock takedown. Dar torques Bate's arm. Both men go back and forth with lockups. The bell sounds with neither man earning their first point.

Tyler Bate: 0     Noam Dar: 0

Round 2:

Tyler Bate was trying to lock in a surfboard, but Noam Dar retreated to the ropes. Dar locks in a side headlock. Bate sends him to the ropes and counters with a snapmare takeover. Back on their feet, Dar blocks a sucker punch. Bate has Dar up for an airplane spin. About three spins in, Dar escapes, and both men grapple up until the bell sounds. The board remains scoreless.

Tyler Bate: 0     Noam Dar: 0

Round 3:

Noam Dar just rocks Tyler Bate all around the outside. In a matter of seconds, Dar earns the first fall in this title match!

Noam Dar: 1     Tyler Bate: 0

Round 4:

Feeling good about the most recent round, Noam Dar stays on top of Tyler Bate in the early going. Bate digs deep with a European uppercut followed by a powerlifting exploder suplex. Dar floats over and captures Bate with a pin. Bate escapes at two. Bate charges up enough strength to hit his '97 Driver! Bate is now on the board with his first point!

Tyler Bate: 1     Noam Dar: 1

Round 5:

Noam Dar sneaks in a pin very earn on. He was just an eyelash away from winning this whole thing. Dar mocks Trent Seven by hoisting Bate up in the Burning Hammer position. Bate gets wise and locks in Dar's kneebar submission. Luckily, the bell rings in time before Dar even thinks of tapping out.

Tyler Bate: 1     Noam Dar: 1

Round 6:

Noam Dar heads to the top. Tyler Bate follows him up there. Bate blasts Dar with a superplex, followed by a dive to the outside, taking out Dar and Sha Samuels! Back in the ring, Dar eats a rolling wheel kick. Dar catches Bate off his rebound lariat and puts in a kneebar. The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly run out to "show their support" for Bate. Joking around, Pretty Deadly snatches Trent Seven's towel. Trying to grab it back, Seven accidentally tosses it into the ring. The referee believes Seven threw it in on Bate's behalf. The ref ok's this, giving Noam Dar the overall victory!

Noam Dar: 2     Tyler Bate: 1

Winner & New Champion: Noam Dar

Post-Match: Tyler Bate looks stunned. Trent Seven tries to explain what just happened. It seems there's some trouble in paradise for Moustache Mountain.

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!