WWE SmackDown Superstar To Be Godfather Of Cody Rhodes’ Daughter?

WWE SmackDown Superstar Kevin Owens might be the frontrunner to be named the godfather of Brandi & Cody Rhodes' daughter, Liberty.

Earlier on Thursday, Rhodes tweeted out how none of his friends from the wrestling business were "wowing" him nearly enough to be the godfather of his firstborn.

NONE of my friends are "wowing" me near enough to be Liberty's Godfather

Shouldn't have looked at wrestlers for the position perhaps ha

When one fan wondered if Owens had made the shortlist, Rhodes initially ruled out the WWE Superstar as a candidate, before changing his stance.

No Kevin once kicked out of a disaster kick on 1 because "somebody" instructed him to

But he also introd' me to the bucks and is my Disney bud – yea damn – he might be the frontrunner 😂

In his response, Owens refuted Cody's story before inquiring about the godfather job. Their Twitter interaction can be seen below.

As noted earlier, Owens' WWE contract expires in Jan. 2022, and a lot of people within WWE expect the former Universal Champion to leave the company next year. Owens is rumored to join his friends in AEW.