AEW Dark: Elevation Results: Andrade El Idolo, Ruby Soho And John Silver In Action

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- Tony Schiavone welcomes us to Dark: Elevation with Paul Wight and Mark Henry from Indianapolis, IN as we go straight away to our first match of the night.

Gunn Club (Billy, Austin & Colten Gunn) vs. Nasty Russ, T-Money and Shawn Cooke

Billy starts off with a quick slap and then a strong right hand on Cooke. Austin tags in and mocks Cooke for getting punched by his dad. Cooke hits a jawbreaker and tags in Russ who gets sent to the corner. Austin elevates off the corner, leaps around Russ and sends him down head first. Colten tags in and hits a strong right hand and brags about how Gunn Club are undefeated. Russ fights out of Gunn Club's corner and tags in T-Money. T-Money comes i slugging, but Austin and Colten team up and to send him down. Cooke runs in and is sent out as well as Russ. Billy tags in and gets the crowd going. He tells T-Money to "suck this" and hits a Famasser for the win.


Winner: Gunn Club via pinfall

Nyla Rose, The Bunny & Emi Sakura (w/ Vickie Guerrero, Lulu Pencil, Mei Suruga) vs. Riho, Skye Blue & Ryo Mizunami

Sakura and Riho start off this trios match as Sakura gets going early. Sakura throws Riho by her hair. Riho handsprings off the corner and hits a dropkick. Blue tags in as Riho hits a bulldog, and Blue hits a sliding dropkick. Blue hits a corner heel kick and tags in Riho who hits a rising knee strike and Mizunami hits a lariat. Mizunami and Blue hold onto Mizunami while Riho poses on top of her. Rose isn't having it, but Riho forces her momentum outside. Riho goes up top and hits a crossbody on the outside!

Rose sent back in as Riho goes back up top. Guerrero distracts Riho allowing Rose to slam Riho down. Sakura pins for a two count. Sakura applies a Romero Special and rolls through and drops her down. Sakura hits a double underhook backbreaker. Sakura pumps the band as she looks for a corner crossbody and gets it and poses with The Killer Queens. Bunny tags in and keeps up the pressure on Riho as Riho tries to fight her way to her corner. Riho with a schoolgirl for a two count.


Riho hits an enzuigiri and tags in Mizunami who hits a shoulder tackle and takes out Sakura. Rose holds onto Mizunami, but Bunny takes out Rose, and Mizunami hits a spear. Mizunami hits her machine gun chops in the corner. Bunny sent to the corner, and Mizunami hits a lariat for a two count. Blue blind tags in as Bunny sends Down The Rabbit Hole. Bunny sent to the middle rope as Riho hits an area code shot. Sakura drops Riho. Rose blind tagged in and goes out Blue. Blue counters and goes up top and tries a hurricanrana, but Rose counters into a Beast Bomb for the win.

Winners: Nyla Rose, The Bunny & Emi Sakura via pinfall

HFO (The Blade, Isiah Kassidy & Matt Hardy) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson & Alan Angels)

Angels and Kassidy start off this trios match trading counters back and forth. They match each other in speed as Angels catches Kassidy with a leg lariat and applies an armbar. Grayson tags in, and Dark Order flatten Kassidy in the corner and Uno bodyslams Kassidy as Dark Order pose. Hardy tags in and "deletes" Uno. Hardy with a kick to the mid-section as he and Uno trade shoulder blocks, but Uno reverses course and drops Hardy. Uno tries to bounce off the ropes, but Blade grabs his foot allowing Hardy to gain control.


Blade tags in and lays in shots on Uno. Uno bites Blade's hand and tags in Grayson. Grayson with a flurry of strikes as he drives Blade into the corner. Blade reverses and goes at Grayson in the corner. Grayson and Blade trade knee strikes. Grayson bounces off the corner and hits a cross chop. Blade sends Grayson to his corner. Grayson fights off HFO, but Blade distracts the ref, and HFO drive Grayson to the corner post groin first. Kassidy tags in and keeps up the pressure. Hardy tells Kassidy to "stomp him out" and Kassidy does so as Hardy takes advantage of the ref breaking Kassidy off.

Grayson fights out of a headlock, but Kassidy hits a hurricanrana then a lariat. Back in his corner, Kassidy hits a few corner spears as Hardy tags in and hits a second-rope elbow drop for a two count. Hardy counters a strike with a Side Effect for two. Hardy calling for The Leech. Grayson reverses into a dropkick. Kassidy tags in, but Grayson hits a Pele kick on Kassidy and Blade. Uno tags in and drops Blade and Kassidy with multiple elbow drops. Uno catches a boot, sends it to the ref and hits a neckbreaker. Angels hits a top rope crossbody and then an enzuigiri on Hardy. Angels hits a Sliced Bread on Blade and drops Kassidy on the apron.


Angels going up top with Grayson next to him as Dark Order all hit simultaneous moves, Angels covers 1-2-no! Grayson tags in as Dark Order gang up on Blade. Grayson sent over the top on the apron. Kassidy tags in and hits a neckbreaker. Uno with a boot. Blade with a lariat. Grayson hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate. Angels with a rolling elbow on Hardy. Angels hits a standing Spanish Fly, cover, but Kassidy reverses into a crucifix cover for the win.

Winners: HFO (The Blade, Isiah Kassidy & Matt Hardy) via pinfall

Andrade El Idolo (w/ Jose the assistant) vs. Lord Crewe

Lord Crewe taking his time with a lock up as Andrade hits a back elbow off the waistlock and applies a side headlock. Andrade sent to the corner and elevates over the top and goes back to the side headlock. Andrade sent away, but he hits a shoulder tackle and applies the side headlock again. Lord Crewe goes at the hair and sends Andrade to the corner as he lights him up with body shots. Lord Crewe taking time to showboat, and he meets a boot from Andrade. Andrade hits multiple stomps in the corner. He picks up Lord Crewe and hits a twisting neckbreaker and then El Idolo for the win.


Winner: Andrade El Idolo via pinfall

Ruby Soho (w/ Billy Roc) vs. Charlie Kruel

Soho getting a strong "Ruby" chant in front of her hometown. Kruel with some quick jabs, but Soho responds with a flatliner then a deep arm drag. Kruel sends Soho to the corner as the crowd chants "Ruby Soho". Soho gets a back elbow up and sends Kruel face first to the middle turnbuckle. Kruel stomps on Roho's foot and hits a back elbow. Soho catches a kick, hits a knee strike, enzuigiri then a back drop suplex. Soho hits No Future for the win.

Winner: Ruby Soho via pinfall

John Silver vs. QT Marshall

The crowd chants "Johnny Hungee" right as the bell rings. Marshall walks out and wants a mic. The crowd boos. Marshall says he doesn't care if "Johnny's hungee" because he's a pro wrestler. Silver and Marshall going at it as Silver hits a shoulder tackle and flexes. Marshall collects himself and controls the pace. Marshall takes Silver down and mocks Dark Order. Silver responds with a kick to the chest. Silver reverses Marshall with an arm drag and then hits a running back elbow.


Marshall reverses a powerbomb and sends Silver on the apron. He then kicks Silver as Silver tried to shoot back in. He hits a backbreaker for a two count and then an elbow drop for a two count. Silver showing some fight. He sends Marshall to the corner, Marshall reverses but eats a boot. Silver caught on a middle rope splash attempt, and Marshall hits a backbreaker for a two count. The crowd chants "QT sucks" as Marshall drives his knee on Silver's back on the middle rope.

Marshall mocks the crowd, and Silver hits a flurry of strikes and a series of kicks followed up by a huge back drop. Silver feeling it as he reverses a hurricanrana into a powerbomb, cover 1-2-no! Silver sizing up Marshall, but Marshall dodges the punt with a roll up for two. Silver rolls through a backslide, hits a series of kick, but Marshall pops up Silver for a strike, hits a backbreaker on his shoulder, cover 1-2-no! Marshall calls for the Diamond Cutter. Silver counters, Gamengiri, German suplex, superkick and then a lung blower, cover 1-2-no! Silver hits the Torture Rack Bomb for the win.


Winner: John Silver via pinfall