AEW Dark Results: Fuego Del Sol Vs. Tony Nese, PAC Vs. Tiger Ruas

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- We get a cold open with FTR from earlier in the day. Dax Harwood says as "lucha living legends" they have an image to uphold. Cash Wheeler agrees, and this Wednesday they will an issue an open challenge to any luchadors, except the Lucha Bros. Harwood notes they are 2-0 against them, so they have nothing to prove against them. They want to prove they are great A-A-A Tag Team Champions and want to face top luchadors. He says there's won't be gymnastics or cartoons. You can expect a hell of a fight from "the greatest luchadors of all time. Top Guys out."

- Excalibur and Taz welcome us from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL as we go straight to action.

Santana & Ortiz vs. Joe Coleman & Idris Abraham

Santana and Abraham start this tag match off as Coleman talks trash from the apron. Santana absorbs a back elbow and delivers one of his won followed up by an uppercut then a dropkick to the back of the head. Santana hits a big chop and lays down Abraham. Santana going for Three Amigos as Ortiz tags in and hits a double suplex. Coleman dragged in. Coleman hits an elbow, but Ortiz hits a short-arm clothesline on him. Santana tags in, and they hit a double powerbomb. Santana tags in Ortiz. Abraham hits an enzuigiri  on Santana, but he takes an enzuigiri from Ortiz, and Santana hits a lariat. Ortiz with a boot over Abraham to cover for the win.

Winners: Santana & Ortiz via pinfall

- Vickie Guerrero interrupts Justin Roberts' ring announcement and tells him to get out of the ring. Guerrero says the fans should be honored because she came on to this show. She says tell everyone to get up and show respect for Nyla Rose.

Viva Van vs. Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

Van with a go-behind on Rose, but Rose shakes her off as Guerrero yells out instructions. Rose throws Van across the ring and kicks her in the mid-section. Rose sizing up Van in the corner, but Van avoids the back elbow and dropkicks Rose in the corner. Van with a lariat and a combo of kicks. Rose hits a chop to the neck and a high kick. Rose hits a back elbow in the corner and follows up with a lariat. Rose hits the Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose via pinfall

Eli Knight & Malik Bosede vs. Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson (w/ Arn Anderson)

An exchange of holds to start off this tag match as Brock recovers after being taken down and hits a bodyslam. He shakes off an interception. Johnson tags in and hits a chop. He hits a snapmare and kicks the back of Bosede. Knight tags in and runs into an arm drag. Knight with a handspring to avoids the drop down as Johnson lands on his feet on the tijeras. Johnson gets pie faced, but he hits a lariat and throws Bosede out. Brock tags in as Johnson whips Knight into the ropes to set up a spinebuster. Johnson hits a frogsplash, and Brock coveres for the win.

Winners: Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson via pinfall

RSP vs. Daniel Garcia (w/ 2point0)

RSP uses his power on the lock up to push Garcia into the corner. He pushes off on the break, and Garcia hits a low dropkick and keeps up the pressure while RSP is down. Garcia hits an uppercut as RSP retreats to the corner. He gets an elbow up in the corner, but Garcia catches a kick and counters into a dragon screw. Garcia working on RSP's leg as he continues the pressure. Garcia with a punch down followed up by a dropkick. Garcia rakes his knee on the middle rope. The ref breaks it up as 2point0 provide an assist on the outside.

RSP misses a kick but hits the enzuigiri. RSP looking for a chokeslam, but Garcia counters into a guillotine. RSP powers out and tosses him across. RSP sizing up Garcia for a splash in the corner. He then whips Garcia into the ropes and hits a bodyslam for a two count. RSP going for a chokeslam again, but Garcia escapes and works around to the a front facelock and transitions into a rear-naked choked tapping out RSP.

Winner: Daniel Garcia via submission

John Silver & Alex Reynolds (w/ -1) vs. Sean Carr & Marcus Kross

Reynolds and Carr start off this tag match as Carr gets off a right hand on the wristlock attempt. He gets an elbow up in the corner, but Reynolds walks away from a second-rope dive. Reynolds hits a back elbow, kips up and tags in Silver. They hits a double drop toehold and stereo dropkicks, Silver covers for a two count. Silver hits a shoulder tackle and uses his agility to catches Carr with a hurricanrana followed up by a dropkick.

Reynolds tags in and hits a combo of kicks with Silver. Carr forces Reynolds to th0e middle rope, and Kross tags in and hits a high crossbody. Reynolds blocks a suplex and counters into a back body drop. Silver tags in and hits a series of suplexes and biels Kross twice. Carr runs in and gets shoved into the corner buckle. Kross with a back elbow, but Reynolds and Silver each hit German suplexes. Kross then gets exploders into Carr. Silver and Reynolds hit their Dark Destroyer DDT for the win.

Winners: John Silver & Alex Reynolds via pinfall

- Max Caster rap highlights: "You need magic to make it out alive, maybe check out that Harry Potter ride. Max and Bowens, yeah we getting to the ring, we leave that ass open"

Ishmael Vaughn & Dontae Smiley vs. The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens)

Vaughn gets kicked in the mid-section by Bowens. Caster gets off an uppercut after tagging in with an assist from Bowens. Bowens hits a Gamengiri, Caster hits a suplex, and Bowens hits a springboard elbow drop. Bowens, now legal, takes a thrust kick. Smiley tags in and drops Caster. He hits a flurry of strikes and drops Bowens. Bowens hits a back elbow, chop and a thrust kick. Caster tags in and hits a double Russian leg sweep, Bowens hits a PK and Caster hits a senton. Vaughn runs in and gets back body dropped onto Smiley. The Acclaimed hit a powerslam / Mic Drop combo for the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) via pinfall

Santana Garrett vs. The Bunny (w/ The Butcher)

Bunny with a flurry of elbows right as the bell rings. Bunny then slams Garrett's head on the turnbuckle pads and dropkicks Garrett's head on the pad. She drives her knee on Garrett on the middle rope. Bunny talks trash while slapping Garrett. Garrett trying to fight back, but Bunny runs her over with a knee lift to the head. Bunny with a stomp then a back rake.

Bunny going at the hair and sends Garrett to the corner and drives her boot to her face. She hits a chop and sizes up Garrett, but Garrett escapes the corner. Garrett with a boot up in the corner. She then slams Bunny into the corner and hits an elbow. She then hits a handspring elbow in the corner followed up by a thrust kick. Garrett tries a handspring moonsault, but Bunny rolls out of the way and takes Garrett Down The Rabbit Hole for the win.

Winner: The Bunny via pinfall

Bison XL & Toa Liona vs. 2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker) (w/ Daniel Garcia)

Parker and Bison XL start off as Parker hits a dropkick, but Bison unfazed as he hits a bodyslam then an elbow drop. Parker escapes to tag in Lee, and 2point0 and Garcia gameplan outside. Lee slowly walks back into the ring and comments how Bison is a "big boy". Lee trying to get some tag team offense in, but Bison hits a shoulder block. Lee forces Bison into the ropes as Parker tags in. Lee gets Bison angry, and Parker hangs onto his tights to prevent him from going after Lee. Parker elevates for an elbow drop.

Lee tags back in and maintains control as he hammer throws Bison into the corner. Parker tags in and keeps up the pressure preventing Liona from tagging in. Bison backs into 2point0's corner allowing Lee to tag in and to continue to cut the ring in half. Parker tags in, but Bison shoves him aside. Lee tags in to prevent the tag, but Bison shakes him off and tags in Liona, an he runs through 2pont0. Parker dropped with a Samoan drop. Lee hit with an exploder. 2point0 stacked in the corner, but Liona misses a splash. He hits a double clothesline. Bison tags in, but Garcia distracts Bison and Liona allowing 2pont0 to hit Two For The Show for the win.

Winners: 2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker) via pinfall

Red Velvet vs. Sholance Royal

Red Velvet and Royal with a strong lock up as Royal shows off her vocals and shoulder tackles Red Velvet. Red Velvet responds with a leg lariat. Red Velvet with a wristlock, then a chop, she walks the ropes for an arm drag. Red Velvet works over body shots in the corner and drags her boot into Royal in the corner. Royal with a knee lift, snapmare and then a dropkick.

Royal follows up with an arm drag into a splash for a quick count. Royal applies a headlock as she continues to show off her vocals. Red Velvet fights out but takes a rolling elbow. Red Velvet absorbs into a clothesline, back elbow, splash in the corner and then a Stunner. Red Velvet hits a double knee strike to the back as Royal is hanging on the ropes. She hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Red Velvet gets pushes off, but she hits a kick to the mid-section and then the Final Slice for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet via pinfall

Post-match: Bunny runs in and hits a huge brass knuckle shot knocking out Red Velvet! She gives the crowd a piece of her mind as she walks away ahead of their clash at Rampage.

Bobby Fish vs. Ryzin

Fish with a kick headlock to start off. Ryzin backs into the corner to escape but eats a boot and then a body shot followed up by a high kick. Fish then rocks Ryzin with a back elbow. Fish with a flurry of strikes. He sets up Ryzin and goes over the top for a senton for a two count. Ryzin with a Manhattan drop, but Fish responds with an exploder into the ropes, cover, but Ryzin kicks out at two. Fish with a punch and then round kicks. Fish hits a back drop suplex for a two count, and Fish transitions into a sleeper. Ryzin fades as Fish hits a KO kick for the win.

Winner: Bobby Fish via pinfall

Fuego Del Sol vs. Tony Nese

The crowd showing their support for Del Sol as Nese backs him into the corner on the lock up. Nese gives a break but flexes in front of Del Sol. Nese picks up Del Sol and carries him around. Del Sol slips out and hits a corner spear. Del Sol follows up with a second-rope dropkick. Nese pushes off and hits a back elbow. Nese backflips off the corner and lands on his feet. Del Sol misses a lariat as Nese hits a flurry of kicks and sweeps Del Sol's feet for a one count. Nese with a chop sending Del Sol to the corner.

Del Sol hits a chop of his own. Nese with a knee lift as he throws Del Sol outside. Del Sol on the apron as he hits a tijeras sending Nese outside. Del Sol looking for a dive, but Nese intercepts for a two count. Nese with a delayed vertical suplex for a one count. Del Sol hits a series of punches. Nese with a shot at Del Sol's throat as he hands his head on the apron and hits a middle rope moonsault. He then applies a body scissors. Del Sol trying to fight out, and he does, but Nese transitions into a waistlock.

Del Sol gets up to his feet and hits a few back elbows, but Nese just throws Del Sol into the corner. Nese catches a boot, but Del Sol flips out and hits an enzuigiri! Both men back up as Del Sol flies in for a cross chop followed up by a flurry of kicks. Nese rolls outside, and Del Sol meets him with a moonsault! Del Sol back in the ring and hits a foot stomp on the back of the head, cover 1-2-no! Del Sol looking for the tornado DDT, but Nese counters into a roll up and then powerbombs Del Sol into the corner. He follows up with a running knee for the win.

Winner: Tony Nese via pinfall

PAC vs. Tiger Ruas

PAC stares down Ruas as Ruas is ready to go. PAC wants to lock up, but Ruas has other plans. PAC ducks a heel kick and applies a side headlock and prevents Ruas from escaping. Ruas breaks the hold in the corner but misses a high kick. PAC then hits a shoulder tackle for one as he goes back to the side headlock. Ruas and PAC exchanging wrist control as PAC goes back to the side headlock. Ruas rising up as he grabs PAC's hair to escape but takes another shoulder block.

PAC goes underneath the leapfrog, but Ruas hits a few deep arm drags, front sweep, northern lights and then a double leg pick up slam. PAC rolls outside as Ruas follows. PAC baits him in with a kick to the mid-section and throws Ruas into the guardrail. PAC manipulates the 10-count as he goes to slam Ruas on the guardrail again. PAC gets Ruas back in and stomps on him. PAC continuing with the stomps as he goes back to the headlock again. Ruas fights his way out, but PAC hits a series of forearms.

Ruas reverses a hammer throw and hits a leaping knee. PAC responds with a pump kick. Ruas hits a few body shots, cartwheels into a running knee strike. Ruas pumping himself out as PAC is up in the corner. Ruas hits some huge body shots. Ruas follows up with a back drop suplex for a two count. Ruas with a series of palm strikes as he goes for a cross armbreaker.

PAC hanging on as he tries to counter into a pin. PAC picks up Ruas for a powerbomb! Both men are down as the ref starts his 10-count. Both men back up as Ruas pushes PAC to the corner. PAC hits a kick, then body kicks followed up by a flying boot. PAC then pushes Ruas into the ropes into a German suplex. PAC taps out Ruas with The Brutalizer.

Winner: PAC via submission