AEW Dynamite Results: TBS Title Tournament, CM Punk In Action

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- CM Punk makes his entrance out for the opening match. He gets to the apron and MJF's music hits. Out strolls MJF and heads to the ring as the crowd chants "ass****!" MJF tells Punk it doesn't feel so good to get interrupted, does it? "Shut the f***" chant ensues. MJF recaps last week when he offered up a handshake and Punk just left. He says it was almost like the time he took the ball and went home like "a little b****." He brings up the pipebomb promo and says that was his best moment. MJF continues that every MJF moment is the best moment, he's not a one-trick pony like Punk.


He says he's proud of Punk for being straight edge, but never thought someone like that would look so much like a meth addict. MJF brings up Punk doing interviews about who he'd like to face and it was everyone except for MJF. He knows it's just because Punk doesn't want it. MJF says Punk doesn't wanna go one-on-one on the stick? Well, too bad, "I'm gonna finish you quicker than your UFC career." MJF says Punk can drop all the pipebombs he wants because he drops nukes. Punk finally goes and gets a mic. "I'm so disappointed in you," Punk says to a confused MJF.

He says he appreciates MJF introducing himself last week, he didn't know his name was Maxwell. He thought MJF was "my jealous fan." Punk says he never mentioned him because he didn't want to feed his rotten ego. Punk says he knows MJF has a poster of him on his wall. Punk says last week he shut up the great MJF without saying a word. Punk says MJF had a whole week for zingers and went for the lowest hanging fruit. He says MJF thinks he's revolutionary when in reality he's "just a less famous Miz." MJF says that's "almost what I wanted" from Punk. Crowd with a "Miz" chant. MJF says Punk has been struggling to beat lower talent. He notices Punk's breath smells like s***, probably because he's been kissing so much ass. He makes fun of Punk being so happy and does a robotic Punk promo. "You've gone soft. This is PG Punk. You might as well be out here preaching hustle, loyalty and respect."


MJF says Punk claimed he came back to face young talent, but also a boatload of money. MJF says he wanted to fix a broken wrestling landscape, but stayed home for seven years. MJF makes fun of Punk doing comics and movies that nobody read/watched. MJF thinks it's because CM Punk was scared he couldn't hang anymore. He knows Punk envies him. He also knows Punk hates him because he's everything that promoters love, while he was a scrawny kid that had to claw his way up. MJF says Punk has always been second best, either to John Cena or Triple H. Now he's in MJF's ring and MJF's company.

Punk says there is some truth to that, some being scared, wondering if fans still remembered him. Punk says he was selling out Madison Square Garden when MJF was marking out for Rosie O'Donnell. He then mentions MJF did a musical that made it into New York Times. Want to sing a song now? Punk says MJF talk too much. Punk says he wanted Darby Allin first, instead of MJF and that chews MJF up. Punk says MJF can't win without his backup. Punk also notes MJF isn't even in the four pillars anymore because he's been replaced by Britt Baker! Punk says he's fine with being called number two. Punk asks MJF if he thinks he's number one? The only way he'll be number one is if Tony Khan has a daughter and MJF marries her. Punk says last time he was in Chicago, he gave away ice cream bars, but this time he wants to give the crowd something else, punching MJF. They look to square up, but MJF rolls out of the ring and goes to the back.


CM Punk vs. QT Marshall

Punk getting most of the offense early on. Couple body slams on Marshall. Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solow try to get involved, but they get sent to the back. Another body slam on Marshall. Punk charges in and takes a shot. Marshall with a punch to the head and sends Punk into the corner. Marshall takes some punches in the corner. Back-and-forth action, Punk with a back body drop, then clotheslines Marshall out to the floor. Punk on the apron, flying clothesline takes out his opponent.

Marshall working Punk's neck as he keeps the pressure on. Punk with some elbows to the midsection. Marshall with a pop-up punch, sitdown powerbomb, cover, two. Marshall with more shots to Punk's head. He then taunts the crowd a bit. Punk with a big kick to the head. Punk with a few strikes, flying heel kick, rising knee in the corner, elbow drop off the top rope, GTS hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: CM Punk via Pinfall

- Backstage, Tony Schiavone talks with Jurassic Express and Christian Cage. Tony mentions the group has a lot of momentum right now. Christian says that's right and when you feel this way, good things happen. JB and Luchasaurus are currently the number one ranked tag team. Christian says he's going to make sure they win the tag titles.


- Backstage in catering, Eddie Kingston goes to talk about Jon Moxley and gets interrupted by 2point0 and Daniel Garcia. Matt Lee says Kingston isn't hungry any longer and he knows that's the kiss of death for a fighter. Parker says he's sitting alone, and they know he couldn't help his friend Moxley. Kingston stands up and Garcia throws his food in Kingston's face. The two sides get separated by a bunch of people.

Gunn Club (Billy and Colten Gunn with Austin) vs.  Bear Country

Gunn Club with the early attack on their opponents. Colten sent out to the floor. Boulder with a military press on Billy. Austin helping out his dad on the floor. Boulder ends up getting sent into the steel steps. Commentary notes he's been out with a shoulder injury. Back in the ring, Bronson swings away on Colten. Bronson catches Colten in the air, overhead release suplex. He then punches Billy off the apron.Bronson gets tripped up by Austin as the ref is distracted. Colten hits his colt 45 finisher (twisting double underhook suplex) for the fairly quick win.

Winners: Gunn Club via Pinfall

- Post-match, Sting emerges, Austin tries to get him, but Darby Allin absolutely runs him off and crushes Austin. The two head to the ring, but Gunn Club jumps out and makes their way up the ramp. Gunn Club heads out the ring and up the ramp.


- Backstage, Adam Cole and Bobby Fish are talking and Cole is not in a good mood. He says everything sucks right now with all the matches they've lost. Young Bucks aren't cleared either! They mention talking every day, they aren't just friends, they are family. Best Friends roll up and make fun of the guys and their friendship. Cole says there's no way Yuta and Cassidy are better friends than himself and Bobby Fish. Cassidy and Yuta step-up. Cole says okay, they are pushing their luck and are going to find out. Cole and Fish head out.

- Backstage, Tony is with Team Taz as they have an official offer to bring Dante Martin into the group. Lio Rush is looking on, Taz wonders why Rush is even here. Rush says this is business they don't want to be involved with. Martin stops him and signs the papers. Rush can't believe. Team Taz celebrates and Martin walks off with them.

Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter with Britt Baker and Rebel (AEW TBS Title Tournament Match)


The two get right to it with a tie-up. Hayter using his power to throw Rosa to the mat. They end up in the ropes and Hayter slaps Rosa in the face. Rosa with a very hard slap to the face. Rosa gets sent out to the floor, Hayter follows then gets reversed into the barricade. Hayter recovers and beats up Rosa at ringside. Rosa with chops to the chest and sends her opponent back into the ring. Hayter stomps away at Rosa as she enters the ring.

Back in the ring, Rosa beats Hayter up against the ropes. Hayter with a big back elbow, kick to the back, and more stomps. Rosa able to knock Hayter out to the floor, big suplex on the floor. Rosa heads up to the apron, leaps off, caught in midair, sent into the ring post and slammed to the floor. Crowd leaning Thunder Rosa, but Hayter getting plenty of chants, too. Both women end up on the top turnbuckle, Hayter sent down to the mat face-first. Rosa with a shotgun dropkick.

Rosa charges in for a clothesline in the corner, double knees to the chest, running dropkick to the midsection, cover, two. Hayter with a backbreaker over the knee, cover, two. Hayter working the neck now. Both trading shots in the middle of the ring. Hayter goes back to Rosa's back. Rosa with russian leg sweep into a submission. Rebel distracts the ref. Baker pulls Rosa off. Hayter holds Rosa, Baker with a thrust kick and mistakenly hits Hayter. Rosa throws Baker into Rebel. Rosa with a flip into a pin for the win.


Winner: Thunder Rosa via pinfall to advance to the semis.

- Post-match, Hayter wasn't happy about the loss. She pushes Rebel away. Baker tries to apologize about the kick, Hayter shoves her away and walks to the back.

- Backstage, Alex Marvez asks Chris Jericho what's next for him? He goes to say something nice to Marvez, but 2point0 and Daniel Garcia walk into the room. Jericho says the trio shouldn't gloat about what they did to Eddie Kingston because Kingston is going to break into their houses tomorrow and take them out. Jericho can't talk any longer once he realizes how square Matt Lee's head is. He calls Lee an ugly spongebob squarepants. He tells them to think twice about interrupting him or he'll knock his teeth down his throat. Parker tells Jericho maybe he should watch his mouth and the group leaves.

- Backstage, it's "Friendsgiving" time with Britt Baker, Rebel, and Tony Schiavone. Baker says things started off bad tonight with Rosa getting the win. Baker says she was very thankful for being the champion. Tony says he's thankful for his friendship with Baker and Rebel. Tony then decides to bring up that Riho actually was never eliminated from a Battle Royale Match at All Out. Tony Khan announced Black Friday Deal Match for Friday. If Riho beats Baker, she gets a title shot. Baker is super not happy about this.


Bryan Danielson vs. Colt Cabana

Danielson attempts to get an early submission, but Cabana gets to the ropes. BD with a cheap kick to the back and puts his hands up. Caban laughs it off and tries for a submission of his own. BD gets out of it and lands a few big kicks, followed by chops. Cabana fires back with one of his own. BD puts Cabana down and throws some more kicks to his opponent's chest and back. He asks to hear it from the crowd and they boo him. "Colt Cabana" chant breaks out.

Cabana drops the elbow on BD, charges in, nobody home, BD hits a release german suplex. BD with a running dropkick in the corner. Kicks and chops on Cabana. He's then put up on the top turnbuckle, BD looking for a super back suplex, but Cabana punches him off. Cabana then nails a moonsault, cover, two-count. Cabana grabs the wrist, elbow strikes to the head. BD trips him up and stomps him in the face a bunch of times. Transitions into the LaBell Lock for the tap out.

Winner: Bryan Danielson via Submission


- Post-match, BD is very slow to release the hold while looking at the ref. Tony heads to the ring to talk with the winner. He asks BD about not making many friends these days. BD says when he debuted in Chicago, he got a much different reaction than this. BD wonders if it's him or the fans. "I got one word to describe that...and it's fickle." DB says not only did he kick his head in, but he kicked his tooth out, showing a tooth in his hand. He says they are headed to Atlanta, and he's heard there's more Dark Order members from there so he'll continue doing what he's doing.

DB continues that this will lead to the ultimate head kicking with Hangman Page. Out comes the AEW World  Champion Hangman Page. Page says that'll be the last of DB kicking in any heads. Page offers up a title match tonight! DB says of course Page would say that after he already wrestled a match. "To me, that's not cowboy s***. That's coward s***." Page says if he doesn't want the title match, he's not leaving without a fight. He even offers up DB can throw the first shot. DB decides to take it up, Page fires back. DB sent to the apron, Page with a boot to DB's face. He looks for the buckshot lariat, but DB bails out of the ring.


- Friday's Rampage matches:

* Daniel Garcia vs. Eddie Kingston

* Britt Baker vs. Riho (Black Friday Deal Match – If Riho wins, she gets a title shot)

* Adam Cole and Bobby Fish vs. Orange Cassidy and Wheeler Yuta

- Next Wednesday's Dynamite matches:

* Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho (AEW TBS Title Tournament Match)

PAC, Cody Rhodes with Arn Anderson, and AEW World Tag Team Champions Lucha Brothers with Alex Abrahantes vs. Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo with Jose, and AAA World Tag Team Champions FTR with Tully Blanchard

Rhodes and Harwood get things started for the main event. Cody takes down Harwood after a bit of a feeling out process. Side headlock on Rhodes, shoulder tackle drops Rhodes. He tries for a slingshot suplex, nope, Rhodes drops to the mat and pops Harwood in the face. He powerslams him down, then throws the weight belt out to the crowd. PAC tags himself in and goes to work on Harwood. The crowd member ends up throwing the weight belt back into the ring! Andrade grabs it and throws it under the ring.

Harwood with a back suplex, then tags in Wheeler. Looks for an elbow drop, nobody home. Somehow Rhodes gets his weightbelt back and he puts it back on. Penta with a big dropkick down on Wheeler's backside. Penta with a chop to the chest. Andrade into the match now, beats up Penta, boot to the face, elbow in the corner. Fenix tags in, boot to the face from the apron, step-in hurricanrana, dropkick, cover, one-count. Another kick to Andrade's head. Penta tags in. Death Triangle triple kick and then triple basement kicks.


Rhodes tags himself in (crowd boos). Andrade gets a shot on Rhodes, then shoves him into the wrong side of town. Crowd cheers! Black tags in, suplex, but Rhodes able to get away and tag in Fenix. Double cutter on FTR. Top rope dancing, huricanrana on Andre, then a roundhouse kick to Black. Wheeler in the match, working over Fenix and trying to tear his mask. Wheeler looks for 619, misses. Fenix with a big spinning kick to the head. Penta and Andrade get into the match, big backstabber on Andrade, cover, two.

PAC with the quick tag, shotgun dropkick from the top rope. PAC nailing everything in sight. Quick release german suplex on Black. Twisting flip out to the floor and taking out two guys. Back in the ring, PAC with some kicks to the midsection. Everyone hitting big moves on each other now. Penta hits made in japan on Wheeler! Harwood with a piledriver on Penta. Rhodes with a twisting suplex on Black. Andrade gets launches hard into the corner with a belly-to-belly suplex. Everybody is now down. Tully and Arn decide to get in the ring! Jose up on the apron. Tully and Arn both punch him. FTR jump in and corner Arn, but Fenix takes down FTR. FTR sent out to the floor by Lucha Brothers. Penta and Fenix with big leaps out to the floor. PAC up on the top rope, Black hits him with black mist. Andrade nails a hammerlock DDT. Black kicks Rhodes off the apron. Cover on PAC, and that will do it.


Winners: Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black, and FTR via Pinfall