AEW Full Gear Results: Kenny Omega Defends Against Hangman Page

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- Video packages for tonight's matches start before the actual pre-show gets going at 7:30 pm ET.

- Excalibur welcomes the crowd to tonight's AEW Full Gear pre-show.

- Tony Schiavone is in the ring and brings down Minneapolis' Dante Martin. Team Taz attempted to recruit Martin when Lio Rush was away due to the passing of his grandmother. Martin was asked his thoughts about the offer. Before he could say much, out comes The Acclaimed. "Lio Rush can't hang in this environment, he's going to go on his 15th retirement." He then says Martin is the only good thing "about this depressing ass town." Bowens talks to Martin about who he should align with. Crowd with a "shut the f*** up" chant.


He says Martin is either with them or against them. Bowens wants an answer now, or they are gonna break his leg and send him home, like his brother. Martin asks what the crowd thinks and pops Bowens to the floor. Martin then hits a leap off the top rope into a senton down on both guys!

- Video package for MJF vs. Darby Allin.

Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero and Jamie Hayter vs. Thunder Rosa and Hikaru Shida

Rose and Rosa get things started. "Eddie!" chant breaks out, who passed away 16 years ago today. Rosa looking for the early pin, basement dropkick to Nyla. Shida tags in, assisted dropkick to Nyla, followed by some running strikes in the corner. Shida with ten-punches in the corner and finishes with a dropkick. Rosa gets back in there with some shots to the midsection. She tries for a suplex, nope. Shida tries to help, nope! Double suplex by Nyla and then a double dropkick on her opponents.

Hayter tags in and sends Rosa into the corner. Both trade chops in the corner. Shida back in there, dropkick on Hayter, followed by a roundhouse kick. Shida hits the ropes, but Nyla with the low bridge and out to the floor goes Shida. Nyla then runs her over while Hayter comes out and stomps away. Serena Deeb looking on at ringside. Back in the ring, Nyla cranks on Shida's neck. Hayter with a handful of hair, yanks Shida down, pin for a two-count.


Shida continues to get worked over as Nyla heads into the match and beats her up. The former champion really needs to get out of the ring. She hits a suplex, but then runs right into a backbreaker, cover, and Rosa stops that. Hayter looks for a lariat, a kick blocks that, tries to tag out and takes a release german suplex. Rosa finally gets the tag, stereo kicks send both Nyla and Hayter down to the floor. Both women fly out to the floor. Deeb distracts Shida, allowing Vickie to crack Shida in the back of her bad knee with a kendo stick.

Nyla puts Shida up on the top rope, tags in Hayter, second rope suplexplex. Rosa up top and nails a frog splash, she tries to do an Eddie shimmy, cover, Rosa with a dropkick off the top rope. Hayter and Rosa spill out to the floor and battle. Nyla tries for a beat bomb, rough looking hurricanrana sends her into the corner. She stumbles back and Shida with a jackknife pin for the win.

Winners: Thunder Rosa and Hikaru Shida via Pinfall


- Backstage, Tony talks with Best Friends. He asks Orange Cassidy about last night's Lumberjack Match where he got clocked with brass knuckles by The Blade. Tony says that AEW President Tony Khan announced it will be The Blade and The Butcher against Orange Cassidy and a partner of his choosing on Wednesday's Dynamite. Cassidy says his people have been working hard, so maybe he'll bring "one of his dogs" from the NJPW stable, CHAOS. Tomohiro Ishii is also known as the "Stone Pitbull."

- Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone join commentary to run down tonight's PPV card.

MJF vs. Darby Allin

Sting comes out during Allin's entrance. They give a fist bump and heads to the back as Allin skateboards to the ring. MJF going for those side headlock takeovers, but Allin keeps getting up and then slaps MJF. Both trade some reversals, Allin with a springboard arm drag. Both with some mat wrestling and a bunch of pin attempts. Allin bridges up into a hurricanrana. Couple more reversals that lead to a stalemate and a big pop from the crowd.


Allin out to the floor, MJF follows with a lariat and does a little strutting afterward. He tosses Allin in the ring, MJF yells at a fan and we see Allin come running back with a low elevation suicide dive that flattens MJF. He puts MJF on the apron, throws a bunch of strikes then stands on his neck. Allin goes for a coffin drop, MJF moves, and Allin crashes down on the edge of the apron. Allin gets lifted and dropped into a nasty backbreaker, cover, two-count.

MJF with another big slam as the crowd sounds somewhat split with "Let's go Darby/MJF" chants. MJF with a backbreaker on Allin, but looks to have jammed his knee with that move. Both trading biting at each other's heads. They end up on the top rope with a couple of reversals, until Allin hits a second rope over-the-top stunner. Allin with some slaps and then a headbutt. He looks for a top rope coffin drop, but MJF rolls away. MJF back to the side headlock takeover. Allin tries to leap over MJF, gets caught and takes a powerbomb on the knee! Another cover, two-count.

MJF with some shots, Allin falls back on his knees and rises back up. Allin up with elbow strikes, catches a kick, but MJF with a thumb to the eye. Basement kick, Allin looks for code red, gets flipped back over into a powerbomb, wow! MJF tries for the cover, two. He then goes into a scorpion deathlock on Allin. He fights out and hits a chop block on MJF's bad knee. Allin takes a shot and holds himself up by the top rope. MJF with a double stomp off the top rope down on his arm. MJF leaps over Allin, knee is bothering him, Allin throws his shoulder into it and goes for a figure-four.


Both battling on the apron, Allin tries for a suplex, no. MJF catches Allin and nails a tombstone on the edge of the apron! MJF yelling out in pain because of his knee. Ref starts his ten-count, Allin gets back in at nine. Allin with a couple of counter pins for two. The two end up rolling around and around for two. More pins for two. Allin with a code red for two. The crowd popped big for that, standing and clapping. "It's our first match!" Jim Ross says.

MJF rolls out to the floor. Allin decides to do a coffin drop down on MJF! Back in the ring, Allin with another top rope coffin drop, but MJF gets the knees up. MJF yelling out in pain some more. Shawn Spears and Wardlow try to make their way down, but Sting takes them out with a baseball bat and Spears' chair. In the ring, couple pins for two. MJF clocks Allin with a kick to the face. MJF gets Allin's skateboard and brings it into the ring. Ref is watching and yelling "What are you doing?!" He rolls the skateboard to Allin and tells him to use it. Allin thinks about it, hands to the ref. Ref puts it away and MJF clocks Allin with his Dynamite Diamond Ring, side headlock takedown for the 1-2-3.

Winner: MJF via Pinfall

- Team Taz looking on from a skybox.


Lucha Brothers with Alex Abrahantes (c) vs. FTR with Tully Blanchard (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

The two teams get going right as the bell rings. Wheeler gets dumped out to the floor as things settle out for Harwood and Penta. Both trade big shots and then a couple of pin attempts. Fenix and Wheeler make their way into the ring. Both trading big shots as the pace quickens. Wheeler looks for a dropkick, misses and hits the ropes, Penta gets in there with a sling blade on Wheeler. Harwood down in the corner, Wheeler in tree of woe, Lucha bros with an assisted cannonball senton. Stereo thrust kicks to FTR, cover, two.

Penta working over Harwood's knee. Wheeler tries to help, takes a big kick, now both FTR members are put into a submission. Penta tries for ten-punches in the corner, gets yanked over the top rope by FTR, cover, two. Wheeler then ties Penta's mask to the bottom rope. Ref tries to undo it as Harwood kicks away. Harwood with a snapping leg drop, pin, two. Ref is distracted, doesn't see Penta getting the tag and forces Fenix back to his corner. FTR tries to take advantage, but Penta battles back and gets the tag this time. Fenix with a flurry of strikes, takes a shot to the face, kips up and kicks Harwood right back in the face. He then stumbles into a double cutter on FTR, cover, two.


Fenix dances on the ropes then walks them with a boot to the face of Harwood, cover, two. Fenix ends up getting sent into the AAA Tag Title by Wheeler, brainbuster on Fenix, cover, 1-2-no! FTR thought they had that. Fenix battling FTR, assisted back drop on Fenix, cover, two. Big rig is counter by Fenix. Penta with a thrust kick to Harwood. He taunts Tully, who then grabs his foot! Ref sees it and doesn't do anything. Harwood with a big punch to the face. Harwood then tries for three amigos, crowding booing the disrespect. Penta blocks the third one, does an Eddie shimmy, hits three amigos. Frog splash by Fenix, cover, and Harwood kicks out. "Eddie!" chant rings out.

Fenix gets rid of Wheeler with a hook kick, but he gets back up to drop Fenix. Harwood pops Penta. Spiked piledriver on Fenix, pin, two. FTR looks for a move, Fenix with the roll-up for two. Thrust kick drops Harwood. Fenix looks for fear factor, springs over and dropkick Wheeler! Penta with a piledriver, double pins, two-count. Wheeler gets his green mask and puts it on. He goes for the cheap pin, but ref sees it. Wheeler is the illegal man though. Penta and Fenix spike him to the mat, cover,1-2-3. Not sure of that ending, outside of FTR having an argument for a rematch.


Winner: Lucha Brothers via Pinfall

Miro vs. Bryan Danielson (AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals)

Danielson looks for a handshake, but Miro backs away. Miro has his quad taped up for this match. He shows his power, throwing Danielson into the corner. Commentary putting over Miro having issues with his quad. Danielson using some technical work to get punches and knees in. Most of this just seems to annoy Miro. Danielson dropped and sent out to the floor. Miro then opens the ropes and invites him back in.

Danielson sent into the rope, flips over, but Miro hangs back to avoid that trap. He ends up in the corner and takes a few shots. Danielson looks for a swinging DDT, shoved away and then run over by Miro. Miro out to the floor, Danielson looked for a suicide dive and takes a punch to the face. Miro with an overhead release suplex. Miro slows the pace and is just beating Danielson up. Miro with some taunting, ends up taking chops and kicks in the corner. He shoves Danielson away, but he fires back with some dropkicks. Miro hits a samoan drop, cover, two.


Both on the floor, Miro lifts his opponent, but he gets shoved into the ring post. Danielson with a running knee off the apron. Back in the ring, Danielson is able to lock in a kneebar, Miro yelling out and trying to find a rope. He ends up getting back Danielson and just dumps him to the mat. Danielson with some big shot, knees to the head. He calls on for the crowd as he lines up a running knee, caught, powerbomb, cover, two. He drops Danielson, looks to lock in game over, but Danielson fights him off. He finally gets it locked in, but Danielson is able to hang on and lunges for the ropes to break the hold. Miro can't believe it.

Miro goes for it again, stomping on Danielson's back first. Danielson gets wrenched back, counters into a pin, two and goes for the labell lock. Miro is able to get wrist control to flip over on Danielson. He throws some big shots. Danielson tries for a triangle choke, but Miro just gouges the eyes to stop that. Danielson and Miro back up, Danielson with some kicks, Miro drops him with a shot. He takes Danielson over to the corner and heads to the second rope. Danielson throws elbow strikes. Danielson leaps off with a rough-looking DDT and goes into a guillotine choke. Ref stops the match.


Winner: Bryan Danielson via Referee Stoppage

The Young Bucks and Adam Cole with Michael Nakazawa and Brandon Cutler vs. Jurassic Express and Christian Cage (Falls Count Anywhere)

Fast-paced action as the match gets going. Cole and Christian both go for early finishers. JB tries to fight off The Young Bucks, double clothesline sends him down. Luchasaurus in the ring, drops Matt and Nick. Cole in with a chair and smacks Luchasaurus. JB back in the ring, looks at the chair, swings it, misses, leaps over Cole, then just throws it at him.

Cole gets back into the match though, tries for his "Adam Cole, bay bay!" and Christian hits a reverse DDT on the chair. Luchasaurus with a double german suplex on Matt and Nick. Cole brings in a trash can and smacks Luchasurus. JB with a german suplex on Cole, trash can goes flying out of the ring. JB with two suicide dives. He tries for a leap on the third attempt and gets hit by a trash can. Everybody using the can and end up getting knocked down with it. Luchasaurus with a big boot, cover, two.


Out comes a table from under the ring. Cole is busted open now. Christian tries to get JB to hit a conchairto on Cole, but that gets stopped. Matt Jackson hits an elbow drop through the table on Luchasaurus. JB with a step-up hurricanrana that sends Cole through another table. Christian and Nick are battling out in the crowd. Cutler tries to help out, he cold sprays Nick in the face by mistake. Christian climbs up to a balcony and flies down on Nick, Nakazawa, and Cutler, cover on Nick, two. The two eventually make their way back to the ringside area. Matt and Nick get a handful of thumbtacks. They put them in JB's mouth! Cole locks in a submission while they hit double superkicks to the face. Cole with the cover, but Christian breaks it up.

A ladder is brought into the ring, Christian slammed into it a few times. He ends up hitting a wild spinning DDT and sends Nick into the ladder. Luchasaurus back in the ring, throwing big shots at all three opponents. Cole tries for Panama sunrise, nope. Cole gets sent spine-first on the ladder. Young Bucks both swing chairs and Luchasaurus ducks it. He chokeslams Nick on the ladder, standing moonsault, cover, but Matt jams the can into Luchasaurus' head. He then chases Matt up to the stage. JB runs out of nowhere locks in snare trap! Cole runs up and stops it. Christian was thinking kill switch off the stage. Eats a superkick. Luchasaurus runs up and looks for a big move, but Cole with a lowblow, then a lowblow kick to JB.


Christian sends Nick into the scaffolding. Cole with a big kick to a charging Christian. Matt with a huge flip off the stage and down on Luchasaurus. Cole decides to climb the scaffolding and hits panama sunrise on JB on the stage! Luchasaurus stops the cover though. Cole brings out thumbtack sleeves for him and the bucks. BTE Trigger to Luchasaurus, triple cover, JB breaks it up. Everybody hitting big moves on the stage now. Luchasaurus chokeslams Cole off the stage and down on three people. He then hits a shooting star press on a bunch of people. Christian goes for conchairto, JB wants it, Christian hands the chair over to JB for a conchairto on Matt. JB takes a moment and whacks Matt with it, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Jurassic Express and Christian Cage via Pinfall

Cody Rhodes with Arn Anderson and PAC vs. Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo

PAC to start the match, but Cody ends up tagging himself in. PAC wasn't thrilled with that. Crowd is not pro-Cody tonight. PAC tags back in (crowd cheers) and he battles with Andrade. Black makes his way into the ring, PAC slides under Black, deep arm drag until PAC is backed into the corner. Cody tags in and jaws with Black. Andrade tags himself into the match as Cody stays focused on Black. Andrade with the shot from behind. Cody sent to the corner and flips over, Andrade tries to do something similar, but messes up.


Cody teases him a bit and they battle. Jose grabs Cody's foot when the ref's attention is drawn away. Both back in the ring, Cody with a suicide dive on Jose, gets back in the ring, powerslam on Andrade. PAC with the blind tags, there's been a bunch of those tonight. Malakai does it to Andrade and gets a look from his partner. Cody tags in, cody cutter on Black, looks for cross rhodes, no. More weird tags, Black with a wheel kick on Cody! PAC is the legal man though. He sends his opponents out to the floor and hits an asai moonsault. Arn checking on Cody. Jose wants to square up on Arn and eats a few punches. Jose heads for the hills up the ramp and Arn follows him.

Black and PAC battle in the ring. Cody is still down and PAC could use a tag out. Andrade suplexes him into the corner, split-leg moonsault, cover, PAC grabs the ropes. Black and Andrade trying to put PAC away, but can't do it. Black tags himself in and they jaw a bit. Thrust kick puts Black down as Cody finally gets back to the apron. Crowd with the boos. Cody and Andrade make their way in. Cody with some punches and the bionic elbow. Disaster kick sends Black off the apron. Andrade pops Cody and heads to the top, but Cody crotches him and goes up. Cody with a reverse superplex, cover, two-count.


Andrade tries for a figure-four, sent into the corner, Cody with one of his own. PAC tags in and hits the 450 splash on Andrade, cover, and he grabs the ropes. PAC looks to fly, but Black pulls Cody into PAC's attack. Andrade with a big kick to PAC and sends him into the ring. Black with a knee strike, german suplex with the bridge, Cody breaks it up, and Andrade tags in. Cody and Black spill out to the floor, Black with a boot sends Cody into the front row. PAC sends Andrade into the corner, then nails a poisonrana on Andrade, heads to the top, black arrow hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: PAC and Cody Rhodes via Pinfall

- Post-match, Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard come out for some cheap shots on PAC and Cody. Commentary noting The Pinnacle sold the services of FTR to Black and Andrade for two weeks.

Britt Baker (c) with Rebel and Jamie Hayter vs. Tay Conti (AEW Women's World Championship)


Conti rocking some face paint (Brazilian flag colors) for this title match. Much more serious looking than in previous matches. Baker looking for wrist control, but keeps getting punched in the face. Back and forth action, face-off, more shoving until Conti lands a few judo throws. Baker eats a big kick as she ran in. Conti up on the second rope and looks for an armbar in the ropes, but Baker partially blocks it. Conti on the top rope, she gets brought down and takes some shots from the champion.

Baker with forearms, Conti throws shots, but can't stay up. She finally lands a running knee that puts Baker down. Britt gets up and takes a few clotheslines. Conti charges in, pump kick in the corner another one, and a third one. Conti springs up to the top rope, crossbody, cover, two. Conti hits a release german suplex, cover, two. Baker dropped, Rebel and Hayter talking with the champ. Conti yells at them, but ends up taking an air raid crash on the apron! She tosses Conti back in the ring, cover, 1-2-no. She goes for lockjaw, but it's right by the ropes for the break.


Couple counters to a pin for two. Tay-KO hits, cover, two-count. Baker hits a thrust kick. Pump kick by Conti and hits the gotch style piledriver, pin, two. Rebel up on the apron, ref is distracted. Hayter yanks Conti out to the floor and throws her into the steps. Baker on the apron and stomps her head down on the steps. She throws Conti back into the ring, stomp in the ring, lockjaw attempted, Conti rolls over to the ropes though to stop that. Baker puts her head over the bottom rope, stomp, nobody home. Conti with a pump kick that sends back to the floor.

Conti stumbles around in the ring and decides to go up to the top rope and moonsault down on two women, but Baker gets away from that. Hayter and Rebel barely caught her. Conti swings Baker down to the floor, tosses her back in the ring. DD-Tay hits, cover, very close three. Conti with kicks to the head, a big one to the face lands, Baker rolls through for lockjaw, and Conti rolls over for a pin, two. Baker with a pin of her own for a three-count.


Winner: Britt Baker via Pinfall

Eddie Kingston vs. CM Punk

Both wrestlers with very serious looks on their faces. Punk didn't even do his "it's clobbering time!" bit. Kingston is ready (hands are taped up), but the ref wants them to get to their corners before the bell rings. Spinning backfist to Punk! The bell hasn't rung yet though. Punk rises up and flips Kingston off. Bell rings, lol. Kingston goes right at him and the two spill out to the floor. Crowd is ready for this one, very loud "Eddie Kingston! CM Punk!" chants.

Back in the ring, Punk with knees in the corner, rising knee in the opposite corner, couple punches to the face. Kingston with an exploder suplex on Punk, followed by a flurry of shots in the corner. Punk leaps off the middle rope with a clothesline, ground and pound on Kingston. Kingston calling for more kicks, Punk obliges and then takes an eye poke. Both out on the apron, Kingston tries for another exploder, no. Punk with an enziguri then a sliding kick to the face.

Punk slams Kingston's hand down on the steps, Kingston then punches him with that same hand and backs away in pain. Kingston goes into the ring to break the ring count. Punk is bleeding from the forehead. Kingston puts some of it on his face. Crowd with a back body drop. Punk up to the apron and flies into Kingston. Back in the ring, Punk drops Kingston, they both flip each other off. Punk hits three amigos, then goes to the top rope. Kingston gets up and smacks Punk. Kingston yells at Punk, throws a bunch of punches to Punk's back and hits a superplex.


The two glare at each other from across the ring, charge to the middle and throw blistering punches. Punk with a big punch, Kingston laughs and flips Punk off, enziguri puts Punk down. Kingston mocks Punk's GTS. Punk then ends up cracking him with GTS! Punk can't capitalize though. Kingston goes for a move, don't connect. Punk with elbows to Kingston's head. Crowd booing, Punk looking around. He hits Kingston with GTS again, pin, 1-2-3. "What a goddamn fistfight," JR says after the match.

Winner: CM Punk via Pinfall

- Post-match, Kingston doesn't move for a bit. Punk finally stumbles his way up to his feet. Punk extends his hand, but Kingston bails out of the ring.

Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz) vs. Men of the Year, Junior Dos Santos, Andrei Arlovski, and Dan Lambert (Minneapolis Street Fight)

Santan and Ortiz working over Sky in the early part of the match. Ortiz with a running splash, cover, two. In comes Santana as he continues the offensive attack. Hager tags in, double suplex and Sky finally tags out. Arklovski and Hager throwing shots. Hager down to one knee and looks for a heel lock. Arlovski with a samoan drop, then throws some punches. Dos Santos in there now, double shoulder thrust. He then looks for a move, but Hager tags out, Jericho heads in. Jericho and Santos throwing punches. Jericho looks for a flying crossbody, caught, and slammed down to the mat.


He hits a standing moonsault on Jericho! Lambert wants in now. He slaps Jericho a few times and taunts a bit. He flips off Inner Circle. Tries for another one, Jericho blocks it and Lambert cowers in the ropes. Big brawl breaks out. Lambert alone in the ring with Inner Circl and quickly runs away. Page with a hockey stick across Jericho's midsection. Sammy with a flipping senton on Page. Sky runs over Sammy. Santana and Ortiz with big flips on Men of the Year. All kinds of weapons are coming out now. Jericho even brings out the Prince sign to a nice pop. He cracks Sky across the back with it. "Purple rain!" chant breaks out.

Ortiz gets a chair wrapped around his throat and sent into the ring post. Battles are happening all over the ring now. Men of the Year beating up Santana in the ring. Santana and Ortiz put a trash can around Page and smack him with hockey sticks for a while. ATT and Co. able to get some control of the match. Hager heads into the ring with a toaster and smacks a few people with it. Men of the Year keep him down until Jericho shows up with a waterski to drop Sky and Page. Jericho then pops Sky up and down on it. Lambert sweeps out Jericho's feet and hustles away.


Sammy gets in some offense, cover, two. Sammy sets a table up on the floor. Hager brings out a bunt cake pan (yep) and drops a few people with it. Multiple people near the table. Dos Santos climbs up to the top rope. Santana and Ortiz with a double superplex. Sammy brings out a ladder near the table. Sky is on the table. Sammy goes way up high and nails Sky with a senton! Baron von Raschke was shown in the crowd before the match. He ends up giving Page the claw when he started yelling at Hager's wife. After all kinds of chaos around the ringside area. Lambert poses in the ring as the last man standing. Jericho then sneaks in behind him and lands a bunch of chops, forearm shot to the face. Jericho goes for the lionsault, Dos Santos with the (late) punch to the face. Lambert goes for the pin, two!

Lambert goes for walls of jericho, but takes a kendo stick to the face. Jericho cracks Santos a few times then he goes right back to Lambert. Jericho pulls out a stapler and gets him down low. He then runs over Lambert. Jericho with an Eddie Guerrero shimmy and hits a frog splash of his own, cover, 1-2-3.


Winners: Inner Circle via Pinfall

- Jay Lethal makes a surprise appearance and announces he's now all elite! Lethal also heard there was an open challenge out there and wanted to answer it. Lethal challenges AEW TNT Champion Sammy Guevara to a match on Wednesday. Sammy makes his way out to the stage and accepts.

Kenny Omega (c) vs. Hangman Page (AEW World Championship)

Crowd ready for this one as they chant "cowboy s**!" Back and forth action as we get things going. Crowd with a "f*** Don Callis!" chant. He then takes the moment to choke Page over the bottom rope while the ref is distracted. Omega continues to beat up Page. He ends up on the apron, Page with a leaping clothesline. He then splashes down on Omega on the floor. Omega able to fight back and put Page down. He gets in the ring to get the ref's attention so Callis can get in a bunch of stomps.

Omega with a terminator dive down on Page. Page with a counter to a leaping Omega. He then runs right into a back elbow. Omega charges in and eats a big boot and then gets slammed to the mat. Omega rolls out to the ring and Page nails him with a suicide dive. Page heads up to the top rope and flips down on the champ. Both end up on the top rope, Omega throwing big punches and palm strikes. Omega leaps up and hits a sick sunset flip powerbomb, ouch. Snap dragon suplex by Omega. He looks for another and hits it. Page able to hit a suplex of his own, tries for deadeye, but that gets counter into tiger driver '98. Page bleeding a bit from the head, Omega biting his head. Omega climbs to the top, but Omega crotches him.


Page does some biting of his own. Page with a super blockbuster suplex, cover, two. Omega out to the floor for a breather, but he's near the timekeeper's table. Page heading to the top rope and takes the ring post camera off. It gives his a better footing and hits a crossbody on Omega, both catch part of the timekeeper's table. Omega in the ring, Page eyeing a buckshot lariat, but Omega stumbles away and down to the mat. He looks for a v-trigger, no, catches the champ with a rolling elbow strike, powerbomb, looks for buckshot lariat, Omega pulls the ref in the way and Turner is smoked by that move!

Callis grabs the title and tries to sneak in for an attack. Page turns around in time and Callis tries to run away. Page pops Callis in the face. Omega grabs the title, swing, misses, deadeye hits, cover, no ref. Aubrey Edwards hustles out for the two-count. Page picks up the title, but puts it back down. Omega with some punches to the midsection. Back-and-forth shots. Omega with a bunch of shots with Page flipping him off. Standing v-trigger lands, running v-trigger is caught though. Page throws some shots and then takes a running v-trigger. Both guys can't do much now but lean on each other to stay upright.


Young Bucks heading out to the ring. Page stuns Omega, looks for buckshot lariat, countered. Omega tries for one winged angel, no, Page hits one winged angel on Omega! He goes for the cover, but only gets two. Buckshot lariat to the back of Omega's head! Nick was looking on and didn't get involved. Page goes to the other side of the ring for another lariat. Matt now looking on at Page and just nods at him. Page with another one, cover, new champion!

Winner: Hangman Page via pinfall to win the AEW World Championship

- Post-match, Page celebrates with the title in the ring. Dark Order claps for him on the stage. Page waves them to the ring. The group comes down and claps it up for him. Alex Reynolds offers him a beer, he tosses it aside and gives them a hug. 10 and Grayson lift him up on their shoulders.