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Commentators Excalibur, Chris Jericho, Taz & FTW Champion Ricky Starks welcome fans to AEW Rampage! Sit back, relax and pull out your Thanksgiving leftovers; the first match for tonight is up next!

Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta vs. Adam Cole & Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish and Wheeler Yuta kick things off with some grappling. Yuta picks Fish’s ankle, sending him down to the mat. Yuta carries Fish during their quick encounter before Orange Cassidy makes a tag in. Yuta looks for a pin before leaving. Fish kicks out at two. Adam Cole tags himself in. Cassidy and Cole trade their trademark gestures before Cassidy shoves Cole to the mat. Both men have a great exchange. Cassidy leapfrogs out of the way to tag out Yuta.

Cole tosses Yuta into his corner and connects a heavy forearm and kick exchange before bringing Fish back in. Fish repeats the process with a flurry of offense. Fish makes a fast tag out again. Cole drags Yuta to the center and plants fireman’s carry neckbreaker just before the 90-second commercial break. During the break, Fish directs traffic with an exploder suplex on Yuta. Heading back to full screen, Yuta eats a big boot. Cole tags in.

Yuta executes a missile dropkick on Fish and Cole! He makes a desperate tag out to Cassidy, who is fired up and ready to go. Cassidy comes in with his “destructive” kicks on Cole and Fish. Both he and Yuta take care of Cole and Fish on the outside. Yuta hits a splash on Cole, thinking this will be enough to get the job done. Not yet! Cassidy connects a Stundog Millionaire with Yuta driving Cole with a suplex right after for another near-fall!! Fish slides in with a dragon screw leg whip on Cassidy. Cassidy recovers to hit Beach Break on Cole.

Fish and Yuta become the legal men. Yuta looks for two back-to-back suplexes for another two count. He turns his attention to the top rope. Cole snatches him off in time. Cole drives Cassidy into the steel steps. Fish sends Yuta crashing with a groundbreaking avalanche falcon arrow!!! 1-2-3, Fish obtains the victory for him and Cole.

Winners: Bobby Fish & Adam Cole

Backstage: Tony Nese wants to make his Dynamite debut by challenging for the TNT Championship. The champion, Sammy Guevara, accepts Nese’s open challenge. Just as Guevara turns his back, Nese brutally assaults him.

– The AAA World Tag Team Champions, FTR, believe there is no team on earth that matches their style. They invite the Lucha Brothers to come and step up to them again in a 2-out-of 3 falls match.

Up next, we’ll see if the former inaugural Women’s World Champion, Riho, earns another shot at the title!

Black Friday Deal Match: AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (w/Rebel & Jamie Hayter) vs. Riho

The champion snapmares Riho to the mat. Riho quickly reverses the grapple attack with a tight wristlock. Baker pins Riho down on the mat with back-to-back pin attempts. She looks for Lockjaw early, but Riho finds the rope. Baker distracts the referee while Rebel and Jamie Hayter lay in a cheap shot on Riho. Riho heads to the top rope and plants a beautiful crossbody on Baker and Rebel. Back in the ring, Baker lures Riho into the corner with a range of stomps just before the commercial break.

Welcome back! Riho escapes Baker’s grasp only to be driven down on the mat again with a slingblade. Baker repeats the round of stomps from earlier. Riho departs from the corner and trades several elbow shots against the champion. Baker fires back with a suplex in the corner. She’s looking for an air raid crash, but Riho counters with a dragon suplex. Riho scales the top rope, going for a double stomp. Baker rolls away in time. Riho lands on her feet to plant a high bridge northern suplex for another two count. She climbs to the top for the third time and officially hits her double stomp finisher. Riho hooks the Baker’s leg. 1-2, close, but no cigar! Riho digs deep with a Gannosuke Clutch. This time, Baker can’t escape allowing Riho the pinfall victory!

Winner: Riho

– Riho has earned a future shot at the AEW Women’s World Championship!

Next Wednesday, on AEW Dynamite:

* Atlanta Street Fight: Andrade El Idolo vs. Cody Rhodes

* TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Quarterfinals Match: Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho

* Bryan Danielson vs. Alan “5” Angels

* Gunn Club (Colten & Billy Gunn) vs. Sting & Darby Allin

On next Friday’s AEW Rampage:

* TNT Championship Match: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Tony Nese

* AEW World Tag Team Championship/Best 2 Out of 3 Falls: Lucha Brothers (c) vs. FTR

And now, the main event of AEW Rampage!

Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Garcia (w/2point0)

Eddie Kingston starts things thing off with a brutal beatdown on Daniel Garcia seconds after the bell sounds. Garcia heads out of the ring to collect himself before sliding back into the ring. Kingston continues to ground Garcia. On the outside, Kingston temporarily takes care of 2point0. Back in the ring, Kingston dives off the ropes with a knee drop. Garcia notices Kingston clutching his knee after the landing. He starts to work on Kingston’s injured knee. Kingston fights him off with a big bite in the corner. We head to picture-in-picture.

During the break, Garcia stayed on top of Kingston with a wide range of offense. He looked for a cover, to which Kingston kicked out of at two. Back to full screen, Garcia is laying in some stiff kicks. Kingston fires up an exploder suplex to create some recovery time. Garcia charges Kingston with multiple elbow shots before locking him up in a kneebar. Kingston drags himself to the bottom rope. He loads up a massive powerbomb.

Garcia evades a half-and-half suplex and applies a heel hook on Kingston’s damaged leg. Kingston finds the bottom rope again to escape. A few minutes later, Kingston officially locks in a half-and-half back throw. Garcia lands right on his head. Both men trade some ferocious right hands. Garcia steps right into the lion’s den after hitting a round of kicks. Kingston ruthlessly connects a Saito suplex and spinning back fist to end this thing. Kingston gets the last laugh and main event victory.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Post-Match: 2point0 whale on Eddie Kingston seconds after his victory. Chris Jericho leaves the commentary table and heads to the ring. Jericho sends 2point0 and Daniel Garcia out of the ring just as the show ends.

That concludes this week’s episode of AEW Rampage. Thanks for watching!

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