Ahmed Johnson On Vince McMahon Holding Meeting After WWE “Montreal Screwjob”

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson was recently on Monte & The Pharaoh. Johnson made his WWE debut at Survivor Series joining Shawn Michaels' team against Razor Ramon's team. During that time, Michaels had a lot of control and sway backstage, and Johnson recalled how true that was.

"Trust me, if Shawn sees anybody trying to go up the ladder, he's gonna hold them back," Johnson said. "He had his hand on me for a while trying to hold me down. At the beginning, I didn't understand it, but later on, I understood The Kliq was all about President Shawn running the nation. I just let it play out. If he ever got too far with it, I was gonna have to do what I have to do, but he didn't go too far with me with it."

Johnson was asked about other stories during his time in WWE. At the time, Sunny was dating Chris Candido, and Johnson revealed if it was known amongst the locker room that Sunny was having an affair with Michaels.

"It was obvious. She would disrespect Chris so bad right in front of his face," Johnson recalled. "We weren't that close. Not close to the point where I would speak on his relationship."

Johnson then discussed his reaction to the Montreal Screw Job. He also recalled the reaction backstage, and revealed what Vince McMahon said in a meeting after Survivor Series 1997.

"I felt so sorry for Bret on that one. I couldn't believe they were gonna do that in his hometown," Johnson stated. "It did give me second thoughts. It played a big part in my decision when I left. He was cool. He was Bret. I didn't have a problem with him. The Kliq kept getting together. They always got together, but this was more than usual.

"You had this funny feeling something was going on, but I did speak out during our meeting the next day. I did speak out against what I thought was wrong. Vince was leading the meeting and basically, his answer was, 'You don't like what we're doing here, move on.'"

Michaels is an open born-again Christian. He is also an avid hunter, and Johnson gave his thoughts on those two identities.

"I think it's still work," Johnson said. "'I love Jesus' and you're still shooting little deer? (Johnson cracks up laughing)."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Monte & The Pharaoh with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.