WWE Champion Big E talked with Alfonso Castillo of Newsday about the possibility of taking on The Rock and black representation in WWE.

Although Big E once took a rock bottom from The Rock during a promo segment, the WWE Champion wouldn’t mind the chance of facing “The Great One” in an actual match.

“I would love that. If the opportunity comes along, of course, I’m snatching it up,” Big E said. “I don’t know if I’d lobby for it. The one that I’ve been lobbying for is the Goldberg match because he was my idol as a kid. But, you don’t get any better than the Rock. As far as I know, he’s still the biggest box office draw in Hollywood, and he’s from WWE. That, in and of itself, is incredible.

“What he did in this company — just being absurdly charismatic and entertaining — he is the blueprint. He broke the mold. You know, when people ask me about my proudest career accomplishment, I often will cite our promo segment with the Rock. It wasn’t even a match. We just had a promo segment with the Rock a few years ago. Going out there and taking a Rock Bottom, was pretty wild, pretty cool. So I would absolutely love that match, for sure.”

Big E also discussed Black wrestlers being represented, not just in WWE, but in pro wrestling, as a whole.

“I will say I think this is the best time for Black wrestlers in our industry as a whole,” Big E stated. “I see so many Black talents doing incredible things. And, and I think we’re at a really good spot. You know, it was just what last week, we had a live event in London. And the main event was me versus Bobby Lashley in a Street Fight. And our referee was Derrick Moore — a Black man. The ring announcer was Byron Saxton —a Black man. And I didn’t really think about that. And that’s pretty incredible.

“It doesn’t feel like a quota system. It doesn’t feel like, ‘Hey, we need to put a bunch of Black [people] who might not be there as far as ability, or as far as fan reception. But hey, let’s put them in this position just to say we did.’ It was kind of cool that there was no article written about it. It wasn’t a big deal. It was just, ‘Oh, these are just the people that we put in this in this match because they’re the right guys.’”

Big E is set to face WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at tomorrow’s WWE Survivor Series.