Booker T recently appeared as a guest on the Notsam Wrestling Podcast. During the interview, the WWE Hall Of Famer admitted that he would have liked to stay in WCW forever if he could have.

“No, I never wanted to go to WWE, I would rather have stayed in WCW forever and finished my career out there,” Booker T admitted. “But then again, when you get put in a situation, you’ve got to deal with it. I went from being a kid on the street that got locked up in prison, the first time being in jail. I’m going to tell you right now, if you don’t know how to deal with any situation you’re put in, you’re going to find life really, really hard.”

Booker was also asked about his thoughts on Nick Gage, considering the similar obstacles they have had in life. He revealed that he has given him props and Booker believes wrestlers could really learn from his work.

“I’ve watched his stuff, man, and I have given him props, live on my show. I got a lot of heat for even saying good things about Nick Gage, it’s crazy. I said, ‘Nick Gage, so many young guys in this business could learn so much from a guy like this Nick Gage,’ it was before I was really familiar with him when he was getting ready to have that match with Chris Jericho,” Booker admitted. “Then I started watching the guy, I said, ‘man, so many young guys could learn from this dude because I’ve seen so many photos of this dude, I’ve seen him coming to ring, he’s got a look on his face like this is real to him, this is my money maker.’

“He’s created something and there can only be so few like Nick Gage, everybody can’t be Nick Gage. That’s why he has found his own niche in this game and it’s working for him. He will pay for it in the end, of course, that’s just part of the game too, that’s part of the price he’s going to have to pay at the end of the day,” Booker claimed. “But this guy is as real as they come.”

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