CM Punk has questioned whether or not he ‘needs’ professional wrestling in his life during a heartwarming video shared on Twitter by fellow AEW star, Emi Sakura. In the video, Lulu Pencil is filmed meeting Punk and providing him with a gift.

Lulu questioned whether or not Punk needs wrestling in his life, which he wasn’t sure about. However, by the end of their exchange, the former WWE Superstar concluded that he does need it.

“I think I’m good. Do I need wrestling in my life? I don’t know who needs wrestling in their lives. Do you need wrestling in your life?” Punk asked. Lulu then became emotional at this moment and admitted she does need wrestling and Punk then admitted, “I guess I do need wrestling.”

Emi shared the video online which featured them singing happy birthday to Punk while presenting him with presents and conducting a brief interview.

“I know being a pro-wrestler is fun but it is tough too. @CMPunk finally came back about 3 month ago. @lulupencil_gtmv really needs get these answers from him. #InsideAEW #EmiTakesAEW #CMPunk @aew #chocopro”

Within the video, Lulu gives Punk a couple of gifts for his birthday, one of which is a hat that he puts on. Punk tells Lulu, “you’re pretty huge in Japan,” to which she responds by stating, “I hope so.” Lulu also asked how he is feeling coming back into wrestling.

“I love it. Everybody is nice, you got me birthday presents and I got a new hat, it’s super cool. Everybody is nice and the people who aren’t nice, I get to punch in the face.”

You can view the exchange below: