Darby Allin Has Specific City In Mind For First AEW Match Against Bryan Danielson

Darby Allin caught up with My Mom's Basement with Robbie Fox recently. He spoke about wanting to face Bryan Danielson, who is one of the top stars he has never competed with. Allin has a specific moment in mind for when he would like to wrestle him.

"Yes. My goal is whenever we debut for Seattle to be the first time we wrestle," he admitted. "It would be lots of fun. Good energy."

Darby Allin spoke in more detail about Bryan. He admitted that people like him are good for the business. He noted that Bryan has no ego and just works on any show.

"He goes out there every week it seems like and has these crazy matches. That's awesome because there's no ego. Like, 'I only wrestle on PPVs.' I could've sworn he was on Dark, he was on Dark. That's pretty cool."

Darby Allin is well known for his risk-taking style inside the ring. He always takes big bumps, and the AEW star revealed what his sketchiest bump was.

"I was wrestling Joey Janela, he was in the match when I took my sketchiest bump, I would say. I had him in New Orleans and he was sitting in a chair outside of the ring. I did a running dive where I do a front flip halfway through the dive," Allin revealed. "But I put the chair too far. You know, the independents, they're cheap asses, they don't want to put padding around the ring. So, my ankles caught him but my head bounced off the concrete. I just started feeling like everything was swelling. Then after the match, because I finished the match, afterward, I went to the hospital. They were saying, 'yo, you're bleeding from the brain. I was like, 'f**k.'"

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