Doc Gallows Believes The OC Was Created To Keep The Good Brothers In WWE

Doc Gallows recently spoke with GOW Media 216 where he reflected on his time with WWE. He revealed that he thinks the only reason WWE created The OC was to keep him and Karl Anderson in the company during the time they had an AEW offer waiting for them.

"When they split The Club up, they didn't tell AJ or us and he was really pissed off. We went to the other show. Then, the OC thing, I feel like the reason they did The OC was because we were going to leave and go to AEW," Gallows claimed. "Our contracts were up in September 2019. It was no secret we were buddies over there, we had a very nice offer to go over there, and they were trying to keep us and make us happy. AJ wanted us to stay because he wanted to keep his buddies around. We were buddies. We are both Atlanta guys, and we would hang out together or whatever, so he wanted us to stay together. I think that was part of, not only the money they kept upping to get us to stay, but I think that creative and putting The OC together, they thought that would make us happy and be a reason to keep us around. Ultimately, you saw how that worked out."

He also spoke about Anderson initially being upset about their release from the company, but he also discussed how he instantly knew they should spoof the situation.

"We get fired after being in the WrestleMania main event. Karl's pissed off, I've been through this before. I'm like, 'how do we not parody this? We've got to spoof this. That's the reaction, we have got to make fun of everything that they've been doing,'" Gallows said. "Then I came up with Talk'N Shop, and we put it on PPV and it was a hit. And now, it's a thing, so it was a weird blessing for wrestling in a lot of ways."

Gallows was also asked if there were any ever conversations backstage about creating The Bullet Club with them, AJ Styles, and Finn Balor. While he doesn't believe there were such talks, the former Raw Tag Team Champion is of the belief that it should have happened immediately.

"Not to my knowledge. We always thought they should have done it. They should have done it right away when we came in 2016," Gallows said. "But the further we got away from it, they put us with Finn for a little bit on RAW, but we weren't on a show with him very much at all other than that couple of months on Raw. He was there, we were on SmackDown at one point, then he was back in NXT."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit GOW Media 216 with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.