Doudrop Recalls Her Reaction When WWE Revealed New Ring Name

In a new interview with GiveMeSport WWE, rising WWE star Doudrop (formerly known as Piper Niven) took some time to discuss the progress she's made in her new role. She does admit, however, that she believed the Doudrop name change was set to be temporary.

"So, my belief was that it was a temporary thing, and it was like, 'Oh, okay, yeah. I can get behind this.' But at first, when they said to me, 'You know what your new name is going to be?' I went, 'What new name?' And they're like, 'Oh, okay,' and loads of people didn't want to tell me. I can't remember who it was that finally ended up telling me, but they were like, 'Your name is going to be Doudrop.' I was kind of like (bites bottom lip), 'Okay, suuurrre.'

"But, honestly, I get it now because, like, I'm not playing Piper anymore," Doudrop explained. "Don't get me wrong, like, obviously there are still parts of my personality that are from her that bleed into Doudrop and stuff. But honestly, I kind of like it because it was taking a negative and turning it into a positive. I feel like that's very on brand for me, you know? Like, people in the past of my career made jokes about my size, or say you can't do this or do that. But really, here I am succeeding because of those negatives. So I kind of like it that I've turned it around and made it a cute little thing."

Doudrop, the runner up in this year's Queen's Crown Tournament, now recognizes that this gimmick is something to keep the children engaged in the show.

"So, it's new and sometimes change is scary for a lot of people. But honestly, when I see a whole lot of kids out there and it's not change to them, like, I'm just this person and I do this little dance," she said. "I see them jump up when the music comes on and I'm like, 'Oh, that's who that's for. That's who that is for.'"

Although Niven was a staple in NXT UK, she was hardly ever seen working with NXT in Orlando, Florida. But that's doesn't mean that she isn't open to going down there to perform in a new environment.

"It's kind of a yes and no because, yes, I would have liked that experience, and I would have like the matches that I had there and the people I had gotten to work with. But at the same time, I don't think there's anything that can compare you for the main roster. Like, they're just so night and day. I would say that NXT and NXT UK are very similar in the way they work, and how things go, and what's expected of you, and the main roster is just entirely different.

"It's entirely different, so if I did get to [be in NXT in America], I don't think I would have been more prepared. It's very think on your feet, sink or swim, so I honestly don't know if it would have made that much of a difference. In saying that, I don't think it's a very A, B, C option. Like, you never know what may happen, so I'm sure I'll end up there at some point."

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