Drew McIntyre Wants Willie Nelson To Play Him To The Ring At WWE SummerSlam 2022

Former WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, recently spoke with The Battleground Podcast  about the news that WWE SummerSlam 2022 is being held in Nashville, Tennessee. McIntyre and his family recently moved to Nashville, so Drew thought of a way to enter the ring that blends his Scottish heritage with his new home in the South.

"I love [the idea of riding in like Braveheart]. Let's see, who can I get to sing me down? We need something that suits Nashville, like, Hank Williams Jr. or something can sing me to the ring. Waylon Jennings, but Waylon Jennings is dead so that's not going to happen. Who is still around from the outlaw kind of time? That's the country music that I'm into right now. Oh, of course Willie Nelson is still around. He'll be around forever. He'll outlive us all."

"The Scottish Warrior" believes that bringing back his old entrance theme "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest would heighten a main event bout against Roman Reigns.

"There we go, let's get Willie to sing me to the ring for the SummerSlam main event," Drew McIntyre said. "Oh, there you go, everyone's been asking for [Broken Dreams]. They better know all the words to it. Let's make it happen — SummerSlam main event, fighting Roman [Reigns] for the title. Willie Nelson singing Broken Dreams to the ring. Boom! Love it."

This past August, WWE introduced the idea of holding their pay-per-view events on Saturday evenings, first starting with SummerSlam 2021. Drew McIntyre prefers this method of putting the pay-per-views on Saturday nights, and recalled when he was a kid in Scotland having to stay up late for the Sunday night events.

"Saturday night just makes so much more sense, you know? Sunday, historically, that's when the WWE pay-per-views have always been on. And being somebody from overseas, I had to stay awake until 1/2 o' clock in the morning on school nights. Well, I guess I didn't have to. I could have recorded it, but I was gonna [stay up]. I'd watch those events and then show up to school so tired. And I always wondered, like, man, why can't they be Saturdays?

"That's not my department, and I don't think I should say to them, 'Hey, we should be doing them on this day.' I'm so glad we tried the recent SummerSlam out on a Saturday. It was wildly successful, and now, it seems like going forward, we're going to do a lot more Saturday shows. We're going to be doing a lot more stadium shows, more than ever, in 2022. I'm very happy about it, and our fans are ecstatic about it."

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