Hangman Page’s Next Challenger Steps Up On AEW Dynamite

During tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite, the number one contender for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship, Bryan Danielson, quickly confronted the new champion, Hangman Page.

The two showed a mutual sign of respect by shaking one another's hand, however, a heated exchange of words would quickly follow.

"I'm super excited for this match for the AEW World Championship," Danielson began. "But to be fair, I'm a little surprised and disappointed that it's not Kenny Omega standing across the ring from me right now." The crowd then met Bryan's words with a symphony of boos.

"Well, you're right, it's not Kenny Omega because I beat his ass at Full Gear. And actually, if I'm not mistaken, I managed to do it in less than 30 minutes," Hangman Page responded, referring to the 30-minute draw between Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson on AEW Dynamite this past September.

It would get to a point where Page challenged Bryan for an AEW World Championship match tonight. However, Bryan declined the offer, saying that since Hangman Page wasn't dressed in the proper ring attire, he wouldn't want to give him an excuse for "not being ready".

As seen below, frustration between the two boiled over until The Dark Order had to separate the men from fighting. Page broke loose at one point and got a shot in on Bryan Danielson before "The American Dragon" snuck out of the ring.

Danielson then went on to face Evil Uno in a one-on-one match in which he won via submission. After the match, Bryan had another message for the AEW World Championship.

"You know what? I came out here to congratulate Hangman Adam Page and because of his behavior, I ended up kicking his head in. So guess what? I don't know when it will be but until I fight Hangman Page for the AEW World Championship, I'm going to fight every member of Dark Order and kick their heads in."

Next week on Dynamite, Danielson challenged Colt Cabana to a match in his hometown of Chicago.

You can see highlights from the segment below: