How Officials Feel About The WWE NXT 2.0 Revamp So Far

Company officials are apparently happy with how the first month and a half of the WWE NXT 2.0 revamp has gone.

An investor on today's WWE Q3 2021 earnings call asked how the company feels about the progress of the NXT 2.0 brand, and if they feel like they're achieving the goals of the recent revamp. WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan responded and said they think they have the younger, fresher, in-ring approach they wanted. He also said we will see more NXT call-ups to the main roster.

"We think it's all starting the way that we wanted it to start. So we wanted a younger, fresher, in-ring approach. We think we have it," Khan responded. "You've already seen some talent from the new NXT elevated to the main roster. There's going to be more of that."

Khan also commented on the recruiting efforts led by Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development Triple H, and Senior Vice President Bruce Prichard.

"Our recruiting efforts, which we can go through at a later date, which are spearheaded by Paul Levesque and Bruce Prichard and a number of other folks here, are focused on young athletes who may not, at this moment in time, be in the 'wrestling space.' And we think all of those results will come to fruition in the right way, and that NXT will continue the way it's already building," he said.

The NXT 2.0 revamp officially kicked off back on Wednesday, September 14. The first Takeover event under the revamp is reportedly scheduled for Sunday, December 5.

Stay tuned for more.