Injury Almost Takes AEW Star Off Full Gear (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* The Young Bucks and Adam Cole cut some promos for advertisements as they hype their match against Jungle Express and Christian Cage.

* Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega go sneaker shopping and do a little banter.


* Backstage, 2point0 talk with Aubrey Edwards about the AEW GM game and find out they are now in it. They ask about their stats and she is vague about them. The guys aren't thrilled with where they are placed and try to bribe Edwards to up their stats a bit. She takes it and says she'll think about it.

* Nick Jackson gets a lot of spam calls and he starts answering them in random voices.

* Driving to St. Louis, we see Nick icing up his heel (possible deep bone bruise) after Luchasaurus threw him off the stage. Apparently, there was no footage to show of it though. They have to get an x-ray to see if there is a break or not. Nick says he might be off the PPV on Saturday.

* In St. Louis, Nick and Cutler got a horse and carriage ride to take them to the casino. They said it would be good luck to take the horse. Cut to Nick winning a few thousand bucks. Orange Cassidy plays some slots.


* Chuck and Orange watch a previous BTE of Wheeler Yuta getting choked out. Yuta walks in and wonders why they are watching that. He wants to know what he's going to learn from that and realizes Statlander is somewhere in the room. She chokes him out from behind.

* Young Bucks checking out St. Louis.

* Update on Nick's heel, and he's cleared for the PPV match. Matt says Nick is hobbling around with crutches and has a painful injury, but will be in the match. Matt jokes if fans see Nick selling his heel, it's likely because it actually hurts. The guys then rant about older wrestlers complaining about people exposing the business and then getting their own podcast...where they expose the business while also baiting people on social media.

* Sammy Guevara vs. Colt Cabana in the BTE Tournament in a table football game. Sammy ended up winning and advanced.

* Cole and Nick talking with Matt as they get ready for a backstage promo segment.

* Hotel room, Adam Cole comes out of the bathroom and see John Silver/Alex Reynolds hanging out in his bed. He tells them to leave, but then decided to talk about how he embarrassed them on Rampage. He renames them "John Stupid" and "Alex Reject." He tells them how they could change up their look a bit. Cole gives them some more ideas, which they no sell. They go right into giving Cole more ideas, like a new catchphrase. They say nobody cares about the one he has. Cole tries to get them angry, but they don't get mad, which ends up making Cole madder. "I hate my life," Cole says as he leaves the room.


* Nick, Matt, and Adam try out the Bean Boozled (spicy edition) jelly beans. Cole is a fan of spicy things. They guys spin a wheel to decide which they get. Some are worse than others for the trio. They make Cutler spin and he hates hot food. He gets the fourth hottest and immediately felt the heat. Orange Cassidy gives it a shot and gets the Ghost Reaper (hottest one). Orange reacts, but is able to keep his cool. They finally ask him how he's doing and he says while taking off his sunglasses, "Oh...this is a nightmare."