On today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with pro wrestling promoter and NTWRK co-founder Jamie Iovine. Iovine returned to The Wrestling Inc. Daily to recap his Halloween Hootenanny show and his match against NJPW star Rocky Romero. While on the show Iovine also discussed the wrestling he is watching currently, including NXT 2.0.

“I have been watching it. There’s some things I like and just a few things that I don’t,” Iovine stated. “There’s a good amount of new characters that I enjoy. Bron Breakker, he’s my new favorite wrestler ever. Put him on the main roster tomorrow. This guy’s incredible. Don’t tell Vinny but I love Tony D’Angelo. There’s a lot of new characters I enjoy. The Creed Brothers are incredible. Some of the stuff I see them do is ungodly, but I don’t appreciate that it’s being regulated back down to being seen as less than.

“They had done so much to really make it seem like, okay, this is on the same level as SmackDown or RAW, which we all know that this is still developmental. We know that, but perception is key to this whole thing, and if you’re not perceiving it as something as important, then why would people want to tune in if it’s not viewed as something as important. I think, just a lot of the programming is starting to run like Vince [McMahon] – Bruce Prichard production, which there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve been a big fan of Vince and Bruce Prichard for years. In order to catch these guys’ audiences again, they needed to be something different and just doing the same thing over and over again isn’t going to work.”

While talking about the McMahons, Hausman asked Iovine about a recent post on Twitter where he revealed a FaceTime call he had with Shane McMahon.

“I’m sitting at home, decompressing from the the previous day’s events,” Iovine recalled. “I get a FaceTime from an old friend of mine named Dave Osoco, and he says, ‘I’m with somebody that I think you’d want to talk to you.’ And I said, ‘Alright, who is it?’ And then he gives the guy the phone and it’s friggin Shane McMahon, and I was like, ‘Oh, Shane, what’s good man? How’s it going?’ And I called him ‘Shane O’Mac’ the minute that he answered the phone. So I don’t know how he received that, but he was really nice to talk to.

“We just chopped it up. I find a kindred spirit with Shane, I really do. We’re both in similar positions in terms of being offspring of who we are, trying to make our own way in the world being that the fathers of both of us have done so much, and we’re just trying to keep up. I really had a fun time just talking to Shane about how he navigates the world and stuff like that. And he’s just a cool dude. I wish I could say we were talking about something in the works, but no, it was just a fun FaceTime. It was dope. I really appreciate it.”

The last time Iovine was on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, he discussed his one year working with WWE. Iovine revealed whether or not he had met Shane McMahon during that time.

“See, that’s what’s so funny. Shane, when he returned back in 2016, that was literally a month after I left,” Iovine noted. “So we literally missed each other. We just missed each other, and so no, this was a cold introduction. I had never met the guy before. If I’d been out in New York a lot more, maybe that would have happened. I don’t think young Shane McMahon made his way to California that much.”

You can follow Jamie on Twitter @Jamie_Iovine

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