Jeff Jarrett Says WWE Hall Of Famer Took His Roughest Guitar Shots

In a recent interview with Shakiel Mahjouri of Cageside Seats, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett was asked which pro wrestlers were on the receiving end of his roughest chair shots.

Jarrett was quick to name fellow WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, pointing to Angle's high threshold for pain.


"There was a series with me and Kurt Angle (in TNA)," Jarrett recalled. "We were going at it, man, for whatever reason. He has a great target — a nice, bald head. He's easy, he doesn't mind pain whatsoever. There were two or three [guitar shots] in a row several weeks apart. I busted him open two or three consecutive times.

"It happens. I've been hit by my own guitar a couple of times, so I feel the pain. It has happened more than you'd think that, 'Man, that was a pretty stiff shot.' It happens. As they say, it's not ballet."

Jarrett went to detail the various guitars he used as weapons in his career explaining why some were more dangerous than others.

"Sometimes I'll say it's doctored up pretty good, and other times, not very much at all. There are harder guitars than others. Through the years and the tricks of the trade, it's still not a perfect science.


"Guitars nowadays are much more durable than they used to be. Strings are sometimes left on, sometimes they cut my hands. That can be dangerous. Other times, they can be replaced by anything: plastic, fishing lines. It just depends. Sometimes, no strings."

Jarrett was asked to reminisce over his encounter with the legendary Chuck Norris at Survivor Series 1994, where Norris nailed Jarrett with a superkick.

"Chuck Norris is from Texas. Survivor Series was in San Antonio. Somehow, someway, I'm not sure if I volunteered or if I got the short straw and was the young guy on the team," Jeff Jarrett recalled. "I've always taken it with a badge of honor, and maybe I was an idiot at times. I had no problem doing it.

"He obviously knows how to throw a kick and he put it right in there. Oh, it landed. If it had caught me in the throat, that would have been the end of the story. It was right square on the chest, exactly where Chuck wanted to place it. I'll say that."

You can watch Jarrett's full interview below: