Jerry Lawler Says WWE HOFer’s Mom Helped Them Resolve Heat

Jerry Lawler spoke with Busted Open Radio recently about how he could rub people the wrong way at times. Lawler admitted he would make comments in character to be entertaining, but it did create problems at times.

"In my case, some of the things that I would do, and I was just doing it because of my character, or whatever. I was doing stuff that I thought would be funny and entertaining," he admitted. "In my case, a lot of the things that I would say about my opponent in trying to just be funny would cause some hard feelings. I didn't even realize it at the time. I came from an era where you could just say or do anything about your opponent and everybody knew it was just part of the business. But over the years, some people have taken it personally."

One person that he had issues with over some of his comments was fellow WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. Jerry Lawler reflected on the real-life issues they had, which ended up being resolved by the Hitman's mother.

"In my mind, I said, 'what can I say that in the fans' eyes, would make them think that Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler hate each other?' So, I went with the insults on Bret's parents, not knowing at the time that really pissed Bret off. He didn't tell me until later. It was a while later after we stopped working together," Lawler said. "His mother, Helen Hart told Bret, 'we loved that when Jerry Lawler talked about us. Stu and I loved it because it made us part of the event. It brought us in and gave us some notoriety. We loved it.' It wasn't until Bret's mother told him that, that he changed his feelings towards me."

Despite the fact they resolved their issues after the feud, things did get heated when they worked together. Jerry Lawler told a story of a Sharpshooter that Bret Hart wouldn't release.

"There was really animosity when I worked with Bret," Lawler admitted. "I'll never forget, he put a Sharpshooter on me, and this was a shoot. They had to come in the ring and pull him off of me."

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