On the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic Gold Medalist goes in-depth about Survivor Series 2001. During the conversation, the former WWE Champion said that his angle with Booker T ended shortly after Charles Robinson accidentally counted three on a pinfall where he was supposed to kick out and win the match.

“I was in the ring when I actually got pinned when I wasn’t supposed to,” Angle said. “That was horrible, it was my program with Booker T when I was stalking his wife or whatever and Booker T beat me the first match and I was supposed to beat him the second match and we were going to have a rubber match, the third match. During the second match Charles Robinson pinned me by accident and we never got to a third match because Booker won the first two. It ended our program quickly. I just said ‘Hey, that wasn’t the fall,’ he said ‘I know, I messed up but what can you do?’ I didn’t do anything, it didn’t really matter to me because I wasn’t crazy about the storyline anyway, I was uneasy about that whole storyline with Booker T and Sharmell.”

Angle went on to say he wishes he would’ve turned down several angles in WWE, including the angle where he was the stalker of Sharmell.

“I wish I would have spoken up and turned it down, but I never turned down anything that Vince proposed to me,” Angle said. “I was pretty happy with the way they utilized me [in the WWE] so there weren’t a lot of times where I had to speak up and for the most part I never did. I was always the nice guy and I don’t know if that helped my career or not but that’s just who I am. I probably should’ve told Vince no on the Booker T angle.”

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