Kurt Angle Details A Backstage Fight With Eddie Guerrero

WWE Hall Of Famer, Kurt Angle was a guest on Talk Is Jericho this week where he discussed some backstage moments from his career. Angle revealed one particular moment which led to a fight with Eddie Guerrero.


"What happened was we had a fight in the ring. We are getting heat on Eddie. It was Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, and myself. I didn't touch Eddie, so I couldn't have been the one that stiffed him," Angle stated. "Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns were getting heat on Eddie and when I got backstage, Eddie came back. After the show, we all wait in Gorilla and shake each other's hands. I went to shake his hand and say, 'thank you, Eddie.' He goes, 'no, no. What you did out there was wrong. You were stiffing me.' I said, 'Eddie, I didn't touch you.' He said, 'bullshit. You were stiffing me, you were beating me up.' I pushed him. I didn't know what to do, he made me so mad so I pushed him.

"He double legs me, an amateur wrestling double leg. I get him down and got him in a front headlock and I started choking him out," Angle revealed. "So, Big Show comes in, and this is embarrassing, talk about having little guy syndrome. Big Show grabs me by the back of my singlet, pulls me up and puts me in one corner, takes Eddie, puts Eddie in another corner. He says, 'you guys are done.' Now I'm pissed at Big Show, I said, 'don't you ever touch me like that again.' Big Show was so damn strong, he lifted me up with one hand and my legs were kicking."


While Big Show tried to end the situation, Kurt Angle's fight with Eddie didn't stop there. He revealed how the situation continued in the locker room.

"We get backstage and I felt bad. So, I go to Eddie's locker room to apologize. I get back there and I knock on the door. He opens the door and doesn't say anything," he revealed. "I said, 'Eddie, listen. I just want to say I'm sorry.' You know what Eddie said to me? 'I'm not ready yet.' So, I go inside and I started whacking him. I'm fighting Eddie, we are throwing punches. Bradshaw pulled us apart and is like, 'guys, you've got to stop.' I'm like, 'well, I said I was sorry and this arsehole doesn't want to say he's sorry back.' But that's Eddie. Eddie is going to apologize when he wants to and I should have known that."

Eddie Guerrero isn't the only wrestler he fought with though. Kurt Angle revealed a story about how he and Brock Lesnar ended up having a legitimate amateur match in the ring.

"The Brooklyn Brawler went to Brock and said, 'how do you think you would do against Kurt Angle if you guys had a wrestling match?' Brock said, 'I'd kill him. He's too small, I weigh 100 pounds more than him,'" Angle revealed. "So the Brawler came to me and said, 'hey, Brock said he would crush you if you guys wrestled.' So I go out to the ring and Brock's out there and he's wearing sandals. I said, Brock, you would kick my ass, huh?' He said, 'well, yeah I'm a lot bigger than you.' So I said, 'well let's get in the ring right now.' He said, 'oh, I don't have my shoes, I have sandals on.' So I said, well let's go barefoot?' Brock's like, 'Nah, Nah, I don't want to do it.'


"A few weeks later, we are in North Dakota and Brock's in the ring with Big Show, and he's annihilating Big Show," Angle revealed. "And Big Show weighed 530 pounds at the time, this was incredible," he said. "Brock was picking him up and slamming him on his back. Now I'm getting nervous, I'm like, 'holy shit. Maybe it's good I didn't get in the ring with him.'

"So, I see Big Show, and Brock's back is to me and Big Show is on the other side of Brock in the ring. Big Show looks over to me, and I'm on this side and I say, 'get out.' He goes, 'oh, okay.' He gets out and I walk up to Brock and tap him on his shoulder, He turns around and I said, 'let's go.' Don't get me wrong, I'm terrified because he was throwing Big Show around like the Big Show was nothing. It was really tight," he admitted. "We started going at it and it was really tight. Rumors are I kicked his ass, and embarrassed him, and pinned him 10 times. That's not true. I took him down twice, he didn't take me down at all. It was a very close match and we went for a good 15 minutes."

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